How to measure pressure tonometer manual?

Complaints of headaches, especially in the off-season, became a frequent occurrence these days. All feel medically educated and qualifying their physical condition, refer to the vessels or hypertension. Although, to be precise in determining the nature of the symptoms is possible only after a special medical manipulation of blood pressure measurement. For this purpose there is a special device - a tonometer. His presence in the house no surprise. Automatic, semi-automatic, memory, battery, or batteries, they regularly carry their service in homes where there are elderly people or patients with heart disease.

However, the majority focused on their feelings, even though experience shows that you can easily miss a jump in blood pressure if it is asymptomatic. Therefore, measure your blood pressure if there was no apparent reason redness on the face, pounding in his temples, experience dizziness, and the reason for it was your stress at work, unpleasant conversation or a thought. Stress and pressure increase -
a stable couple. But the pressure can be increased and, as a reaction to changes in the atmosphere, heat, changes in body position in space, an impossible exercise.

Periodically, when the above conditions, the pressure is measured and perfectly healthy people. Well, those who have diabetes, kidney and the endocrine system, as well as high blood pressure, you need to use tonometer regularly, twice a day. The first measurement is done in the morning on an empty stomach in a quiet position, just after waking up. This is especially important for people aged as well as the period from 4 to 10 in the morning is very dangerous rapid changes in pressure. Not by chance this time recorded in most emergency calls about cardiovascular ailments.

Indicator morning measurement can be checked for both arms, thereby identifying sclerotic phenomena in vessels of hands. It would be right to record this metric to compare it with the evening or even on the morning of the next day indicator. Evening is stopped after taking drugs at rest, and, too, is fixed on the paper. Arterial rate of an adult is 120/80, but there are individual rules that the patient should have a good point to know. Deviations occur more frequently in the upper range. Worst of all, when the upper and lower pressure approach each other.

If you make a measurement electronic tonometer, it must fulfill the following conditions:
  • body position should be stable and relaxed;
  • hand, which puts on the cuff, fully exempt from clothing;
  • Do not cross your legs:
  • hand should not be in the air, the airway tube is held on its inner surface of the elbow to the ring finger;
  • at the time of switching on the display must be highlighted 0;
  • early discharge of the result can talk about running the battery tonometer.
Doctors prefer to measure the pressure of the hand tonometer longer trust him.

How to measure the pressure of the hand tonometer
Manual blood pressure monitor consists of a cuff connected to a rubber bulb and phonendoscope (apparatus, the ends of which are inserted in the ears).
  1. Take a comfortable sitting position, and arm, which will take measurements, put on a supporting surface at about the level of the heart and relax.
  2. Put the cuff on the arm above the elbow by a few centimeters, and secure it with velcro.
  3. Insert the hearing instrument phonendoscope in his ears.
  4. Membrane amplifier phonendoscope attach to the inside of the elbow bending at the point where the throbbing Vienna.
  5. Screw the valve for venting, located next to the pear and start to pump up the cuff and squeeze unclamping brush to the point where the gauge scale pokazzhet values ​​above your normal performance.
  6. Stop pumping and slowly open the valve pears, trying not to miss the first push of blood - a measure of systolic pressure, when the heart contracts.
  7. When a clear pulse rate will no longer be heard, notes the importance of diastolic pressure - relaxation of the heart muscle.
  8. After measurement drain completely and remove the air sleeve by hand.
Increased blood pressure and exposed children , so when complaints of headache or dizziness , the child also does not prevent the measure pressure. Bole so that it can be a signal of serious, long hidden from adult disease. The cuff for a child to be narrower in accordance with its anatomical active age .

Control of blood pressure (BP ) is constantly in pregnant women. Low blood pressure , which is called hypotonia too dangerous for its manifestations . Therefore, sleepiness, weakness, swinging in a vertical position must be checked for abnormality in blood pressure tonometer .

Increased pressure may have physical or emotional reasons . The last we are able to regulate , except in her life negative quarrels , grudges , feuds , and filling it with positively stained events enjoyable socializing with people and nature , favorite things and a healthy lifestyle.