How to pass inspection in 2013?

State Duma of the Russian Federation in 2012 was adopted a number without exaggeration revolutionary laws relating to motorists. First of all, it is the abolition of the powers of attorney, change of rules setting vehicle registration and, of course, the new rules pass inspection. And this despite the fact that a year earlier in 2011, had to make significant amendments to these rules. Laws began to change more often than motorists time to adapt to them and many vehicle owners do not know what to expect from the upcoming inspection, and how to prepare for it. In this article I will share their experiences on how to pass inspection in 2013.


For a start it is worth noting that the new procedure abolished coupons inspection . Instead, they are now given a diagnostic card, which fits into the insurance policy and the basis for its issuance . All the stamps that which had been received prior to the adoption of these amendments are valid August 1, 2015 . Diagnostic Card is valid until specified therein expiry reg
ardless of whether to change the owner of the vehicle or not.

New cars that are in operation from 0 to 3 years old are exempt from passing the MOT and insurance policy for them is issued without a coupon this or diagnostic cards . It used to receive a coupon even on new cars .

Vehicles in service from 3 to 7 years old be inspected every two years, and more than 7 years - every year, as it was earlier.

State duty for technical inspection is not retained, as well as fees for issuing ticket. Required to pay only the cost of the passage of MOT, the maximum size of which is set by regional authorities in every region of the Russian Federation. Operators inspection stations can set their own price, but it can not exceed the specified maximum. The most important value is set in the Moscow region - 1040 rubles, and the lowest in the Astrakhan region - 265 rubles. In any case, to pay for the inspection is now will have less.

Medical certificate for passing is not required.

The procedure itself is passing it is also slightly changed. First aid kit now you will not be asked, but the warning triangle and fire extinguisher unexpired require. The car also passes through the diagnostics, which checks all the main parameters influencing road safety. Checking the number of body and engine to omit, which greatly accelerates the process of its passage. Earlier, to get a coveted ticket to the middle sized town needed Spend a couple of days (including queues) - one for a medical certificate and the other for passing MOT. Now, two hours by the author of this article was completed then get liability insurance policy tool. Save time, as they say, on the face.

Diagnostic Card established form, issued in the case of successful completion of MOT is as follows.
the front of the diagnostic cardthe front of the diagnostic carddownside diagnostic carddownside diagnostic card

Also continues to act, adopted in 2012, an amendment that allows the passage then the owners of vehicles in any region of the Russian Federation, not only the place of registration of the vehicle.
In addition, the issue can now be diagnostic cards and authorized dealers during the passage of vehicle maintenance.

Thus, Medvedev's reform aimed at reducing the corruption component of Internal Affairs and under its control structures in the area of ​​technical inspection of vehicles has reached its goals . Inspection was held faster and easier , but how it will affect traffic safety , we learn in the near future .