How to take a urine test?

During hospitalization , illness or routine medical examination doctors give direction to the analysis of urine . However, not everybody knows how to take it correctly and how to prepare for it , while overworked doctors do not always have time to explain. While this information is very important because improper preparation for analysis will lead to incorrect results and hence misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment of choice .

What should be done a few days before the urine test
  1. Buy at the pharmacy clean sterile container.
  2. Limit emotional and physical stress.
  3. The day before the delivery of the analysis excluded vitamins, diuretic medications, herbal
  4. On the eve of delivery of the analysis did not eat beets, carrots, salt, sour, spicy, limit meat.
Requirements analysis of urine
  1. The analysis requires 50-100 ml of first morning urine is most concentrated.
  2. Careful toilet genitals without soap and other cleaning products in order not to distort the result.
  3. Before any analysis of the women to be inserted into the vag
    ina tampon, to exclude vaginal microflora in a container.
  4. Collect needed midstream urine without touching the container body . Here's how: a couple of seconds urinate in the toilet , and then substituted a sterile container , for a few seconds to about the end of urination container is removed .
  5. Deliver the collected urine to the laboratory as soon as possible should be within two hours, no more.
  6. During transport to avoid shaking and shaking analysis.
  7. Better not take a urine test during menstruation and within a week after cystoscopy.
Types of tests and their features
  1. Urinalysis is used to diagnose a variety of diseases : infections of urinary system , diabetes, disorders of the liver , kidney, and several others. Besides urinalysis doctor may suggest other tests pass . Basic requirements for the general analysis of urine suitable for all other types of analyzes.
  2. Analysis of urine on Nechiporenko done to diagnose pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis.
  3. Urinalysis for Zimnitsky determines filtration and concentration ability of the kidneys . The sample is done every three hours during the day , a total of eight vessels in the urine. Each of them is written the number and time of delivery . Before sending to the laboratory tests are stored at low temperatures.
  4. Collection of daily urine produced in a large container volume of 3.2 liters. It is poured all allocated urine per day , except for the first morning portion . It passed , but note the time of urination. And at the same time the next day to collect complete analysis. Keep it should be on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator. One day all urine in the container and shake to cast 100 ml . The laboratory must be reported even the whole amount of daily urine .
  5. Analysis of urine for sugar.
  6. Urine for Research by PCR ( cytomegalovirus , tuberculosis , infections , sexually transmitted ) . For the analysis of a sufficient volume of 20 ml , it is suitable for him or collected fasting first morning urine or collected after 2-3 hours after the last urination.
  7. Urine culture ( bakposev ) make any prior treatment with antibiotics , or three days after . Sufficient volume of 5-10 ml . Acceptable storage of urine in the refrigerator for days. During transport to avoid getting wet container lid .
Urinalysis, complete with results from other studies, allows to establish an accurate picture of the disease, which allows you to select the most appropriate treatment.