How to donate semen analysis?

Ideally, at the planning stage of the child , each family must pass spermogrammu including binding assays . But often men are afraid of this procedure is not so much because of its implementation ( although there is nothing wrong ) , but because of the opportunity to receive an unsatisfactory result . It is not necessary to be afraid , because the sperm - is very sensitive to all external influences fluid. Therefore, the exact result of the analysis study was repeated after 1-3 weeks , and choose the best result .

Semen - semen analysis, it evaluates the ability of a man to fertilize, reveals signs of infertility in the early stages, and to reduce fertility.

Spermogrammoj do when planning a pregnancy, in preparation for cryopreservation of sperm.

Preparation for passing semen
  1. For 2-7 days (optimally - 4) to eliminate sex and masturbation.
  2. Three months prior to the date of semen should not be colds, infectious diseases, increase in body temperature to 38 degrees.
  3. The man did not have to take drugs during the t
    hree months prior to the study.
  4. A week before the analysis should exclude alcohol , nicotine , coffee, tea , bath and hot tub ( only allowed a warm shower ) . It is necessary to move more and do not stay long in a sitting posture . Eliminate stress and heavy exercise .
  5. Positive attitude.
Where and how to analyze
  1. It is better to take the semen analysis in the clinic , in a separate well- heated room. The sperm must be delivered to the laboratory as quickly as possible (not more than one hour ), and not to be subjected to external influences . If you live in a 15-minute walk from the lab , discuss the possibility of collecting semen in the home , and the sunlight is unacceptable to him , and the temperature during transport should be from 20 to 37 degrees.
  2. It is going to ejaculate after a preliminary toilet of genitals thoroughly washed hands only by masturbation and only in a sterile container . Moreover, the container must be tested for the inability to influence the material from which the container is made , on sperm motility . It is unacceptable to obtain sperm in a condom , use of oral sex or interrupted sexual intercourse , use of lubricants . The ejaculate is collected in full, because its losses are unreliable results .
Often, semen has a non-ideal performance , but these abnormalities do not talk about the complete impossibility of fertilization. Moreover , they can not even be a sign of the disease, only the set of all tests and research to judge the potential sterility . Semen analysis reveals not only a violation of the reproductive system , but also throughout the body. For example , the presence of leucocytes in semen indicates inflammation somewhere in the body.