How to get a statement from the register?

Almost all the people from time to time faced with the need to provide to various authorities any documents. Among the most sought-after officials appear a copy of passport, copy of birth certificate, SNILS, TIN, medical insurance policy. But the documents offer not only citizens, but also the organization for which the most essential is an extract from the register. That it confirms the existence of a particular company / firm / organization, and therefore it is necessary and important document. Where and how to get a statement from the register?


What is Incorporation?
To begin with, the Incorporation - is the Unified State Register of Legal Entities , which, in essence , is the base , which contains information on all registered in our country organizations and enterprises ( legal entities ) . Conducted by the Internal Revenue Service Register which employees when registering a new organization make it into the database. The result is an all-Russian information system , in which there is data on all legal
entities .

What information is contained in the statement?
In an extract from the register contains comprehensive information on the legal entity, namely:
  • full, abbreviated company name, and the name of a foreign language, which is often register companies working with foreign partners (if any);
  • personal details of the undertaking (in the case of SP);
  • the legal form of the company - JSC, LLC, JSC, as well as the way of its formation;
  • INN of the company (or IP) and the date of tax registration;
  • codes of the Russian Classification;
  • Legal address provided during registration (for SP - place of residence);
  • contract phone (in case if it was specified during registration);
  • Date of creation of a legal entity;
  • Information about the size of the share capital (it can be useful to lenders);
  • Information about the founders (the number of founders and their personal data, the size of the share capital with a nominal value of each, and if the founder is a different entity - information about it);
  • information about the value of assets at the end of the last reporting period;
  • Information on the authorized person who can act on behalf of the organization without power of attorney (personal data, position);
  • information about the kinds of activities that are carried out by;
  • Information about the possible successor (this information is given for entities which have been created as a result of the reorganization);
  • Information on possible ways of termination of the legal entity (for example, after the recognition of the bankrupt, by the verdict of the court, etc.);
  • Information about the company is liquidated, reorganized, reducing the share capital;
  • Information about obtaining licenses;
  • Information about branches and representative offices (if any);
  • Information on changes in the register, that have ever been.

And if the registry data would not want company, the tax authority will issue a certificate of absence of information.

What is the statement?
Since the extract from the register is a confirmation of information about the organization, most often it is required:
  • for opening / closing a bank account;
  • when making commercial transactions;
  • to obtain a loan or loan for business development;
  • if necessary, any notarized documents that, one way or another, related to the activities of the company;
  • organizations to participate in tenders, auctions and tenders;
  • if necessary, confirm the liquidation or merger of the company to another entity.

Moreover, the extract can not ask the company itself, as, for example, a potential partner who wants to check the accuracy of the information given to him and viability of the firm.

What are the statements?
Certificate of Incorporation may be:
  • the format of an official document , which does not just contain all the necessary information about the legal entity , but also the seal of the tax authority that issues the statement ; to obtain such a document will have to pay the state fee ( with the exception of only those cases in which the firm receives the extract ) and wait for one to five business days ( that is how much time the law can take training extract ) ;
  • electronic statement format information, which will not print, and it can not be considered an official document, but it will contain all the information about the organization.

Instructions for obtaining the extract
To obtain a Certificate of Incorporation (the official), you must contact the tax authority and perform the following steps:
  1. Inquiry. Create a request for a statement in which to specify the name of the company, details of which you are interested, it TIN and BIN. Special form for the request is not, it is written in an arbitrary form, but to transfer all the data that you need to get, not necessarily. Inspectors default form to extract the maximum information (the list of information to be contained in the statement, is in Appendix №2 to the rules of the register, which have been approved by the Government of the Russian Federation). This public information are only passport details and bank account numbers. But if discharge is needed to design an important transaction, and you are afraid that because of an error information may not be complete, you can list all the information that you want to see in the statement. The request must specify the number of copies of the statement, and sometimes the purpose of receiving it. And, of course, do not forget to write the address to which you want to send the document (but it should be noted that you want to take a statement in person at the tax authority).
  2. Payment. If a company asks for a statement about yourself , the document will be received free of charge. In all other cases will have to pay a fee for each document (200 rubles per extract ) . Payment is made at the territorial tax authority where the requested statement . Payment details will be provided by the Federal Tax Service . Fees can be paid in cash through a bank, and you can - from the current account ( the second method is , according to tax more advantageous because of the statement has to pay the company , not an individual) .
  3. Sending the request to the Federal Tax Service.
  4. Receipt. Most later date receipt of the statement - five working days after the filing. But the immediate discharge ( for them to pay double duty ) can be obtained on the following day . By the way, as well as to apply and receive a statement should be the CEO or authorized officer , who need to make a warrant .

Preparation of the informal statements via the Internet
Get the excerpt from the register may be using the services on the site FNS. The procedure for providing information clearly stated in the Order of the Federal Tax Service of Russia № MM-7-6 / 148 @. But this can only be the company that paid for access to the service. Access costs 50 000 rubles. For the money the company will receive a one-time certificate and activating it on the site within six months of receipt, will be able to use the base for a year. But this access will be opened once, ie, database updates will not be available. To activate the update will have to pay another 5 000 rubles, or just buy an annual access to the database with weekly updates for 150 000 rubles (then it can be extended).

To get this service , you need to apply to the Federal Tax Service , and pay the required amount within ten days to activate the certificate by using a special password. Online statements are not an official document , but for companies that have an active business, it's a handy tool to check for potential partners.

So, if we are talking about an important transaction that will only fit the official statement to the press, and if you want , and Met opportunity to check any company , it is easier to purchase a certificate with updates and keep your finger on the pulse of your business.