How to call traffic police on the scene of an accident?

Today, almost every second have a driver's license and a car. And this is not surprising, because the car has long been an integral part of our lives. But, at the same time, we must remember that any vehicle - a source of increased danger. Unfortunately, the number of road accidents remains high, and everyone should know what to do if an accident occurred. In such a situation it is important to behave properly, perform all formalities, assist victims, and to know how to call traffic police on the scene of an accident.


How to act the man who became a party or witness an accident?
If you are involved in or witness a traffic accident, it is necessary to:
  • stop your vehicle;
  • put a warning triangle (in accordance with traffic rules it should be done in fifteen meters to the car when you are on the territory of the village, or thirty - in the country);
  • assess the situation;
  • provide first aid to victims, if any, and you can really help them;
  • take any measures that could prevent a fire victim machine;
  • cause at the accident scene representatives of the traffic police;
  • Contact your insurance company ( the desired phone number is on the letterhead of the insurance policy , which is to be the driver ) and possibly to record contact details available to witnesses and witnesses , as well as the number of victims and to stop the car (if you're party to an accident ) ;
  • did not move the car, injured in an accident, and did not move any objects that have any relation to the accident.

How to call traffic police on the scene of an accident?
Call the traffic police (it is obligatory if the event has affected people and the damage caused by the accident exceeds 25 000 ) to place traffic accident can be done with landline or mobile phone , as well as a phone booth :
  • City phone.In the city you need to call the phone 02 - all calls to this number are recorded , and you will know that your call is received at the address . After the call the operator who took your signal , he went to the scene machine "Ambulance" and the traffic police outfit . You can call as a landline phone booth or from any landline.
  • Mobile phone - operators Megafon, MTS.If your mobile operator MegaFon and MTS, you should dial 020. In this case, your call will go to the police, and the duty, which is to take the call, record the accident and ensure the arrival at the place of emergency.
  • Mobile phone - the operator Beeline.
  • Mobile phone - operators Tele 2 or SKYLINK.If your mobile operator TELE 2 or SKYLINK - call 02.
  • Emergency call.But if in the place where the accident occurred , there is no landline phone, and there is no mobile connection, try to dial from a mobile phone emergency number 112. Calls to this number are even where the signal is almost no mobile operator . In addition, an emergency call is possible even if your account no means a SIM- card is locked or absent in the phone. Call this number is completely free and you can call from anywhere in Russia .
  • Rescue Service.If the situation is hopeless , people injured in an accident and need urgent help , and on other phones , you call the police can not , you should call the emergency services on 911. This is a single phone number to which calls are received throughout the country .
  • Traffic police post.If you need help , and telephone the emergency services , rescue services and the police, there is no way you can stop a passing car and ask to report the accident to the nearest traffic police post . If there were no injuries in the accident , and drivers given the minor damage to vehicles alone accounted circuit accident and came to a mutual agreement on the assessment of the incident , they can do to get to the nearest traffic police post or police station.

If you know how to act in a difficult situation and in advance to make emergency numbers in the address book of your mobile phone, you can quickly contact the police , call the traffic police on the scene of an accident and in a timely manner to help people affected by the accident .