How quickly learn the traffic rules?

Today, driving schools appear like mushrooms after rain. The reason for this activity - the demand for driving instruction. And since the number of driving schools, and, respectively, and their students every day increases, the question of how to quickly learn traffic rules, is very important. The fact that the rules of the road you need to know, understand everything, but it turns out they quickly learn not everyone. But without knowledge of the theory exam to pass it is impossible, and hence it is impossible to obtain a driver's license. What to do? Take advice SDA teachers, psychologists, and those who have already passed the exam for driving.


Classification methods of memorization
When it comes to something fast to learn ( although the traffic rules ) , any person can find the secret or the way he considers best . And not everyone knows that their "best" ways for a long time classified and are without scientific basis. To date, scientists have identified three main ways of remembering :
  • mechanical (in fact, this is the usual cramming);
  • rational (based on logic, establishing causal relationships);
  • mnemonic (based on the method of association with the use of images).

The most effective is considered , of course , rational way , as its basis - understanding of the situation . Unlike memorized rules that can be forgotten , that understood and comprehended , it remains in the memory forever. But psychologists recommend not ignore the mnemonic way of remembering , use in this case, the bright and nontrivial way ( they, but also funny or exaggerated , are remembered easier and faster ) .

Book - best friend
It must be said that in order to learn rules , they must carefully read at least three times. And for this you need to buy a good and new ( ! ) Printed edition SDA, study it carefully and always carry a book with me, refreshing memory rule in my spare time . It is important to not just read or mechanically cram some questions and try to understand the logic . Once you every Understand the formulation and understand it , incomprehensible gibberish from complicated situations develop in a harmonious and clear theory.

High-Tech to help you!
But those who have more development of figurative thinking, psychologists advise to use pictures or programs (such programs are used for the test in the traffic police), which simulate different situations on the road. All of this can easily be found on numerous websites. The main thing - to find a comfortable life and to clarify how relevant the information provided on the website (after all, the rules often vary). Generally, it must be said that online training has repeatedly proven its worth, so why not use this method in the study of the rules? Can you believe, visual images, charts, and online tests are sure to help quickly learn the traffic rules.

And another funny but essential tool in the study of traffic rules may be mnemonic - Association revealed striking regularities that simplify the process of remembering . They are the basis mnemotechnical way of remembering. There is a whole system of mnemonics (or as they are called - zapominalok ) to study various disciplines , including the rules of the SDA.

Among the most famous mnemonic:
  • "Two pieces of iron , two water , children and slaves" , by which is easy to remember the warning signs , which is re- established settlements ( without crossing the barrier , crossing with a barrier , leaving the embankment , drawbridge , carefully , children, road works ) ;
  • Rule of Three "D" - Fool Give Way - it means that it is better to give way to transport that violates the rules in relation to you;
  • "Who is right is right", which is an obstacle to the right;
  • "If you stick in your mouth looks, make a right turn" - meaning traffic controller command to turn right.

The scientific approach
Experts recommend practicing for learning the rules of the scientific approach. This means that you must first review the material under study, and then to identify the main points again (preferably several times) the main facts and track their relationship, and after that plan the response and repeat the information in accordance with this plan. To some this may seem like nonsense, but it actually works. This method is the most in demand among those people who have to work are often faced with the need to address the issues on the basis of the preliminary analysis.

Theory without practice is dead!
Of course, reading the book, you do not learn to ride. That is why in a driving school is not only theoretical but also practical training, during which an experienced instructor will explain how to behave in traffic flows and how to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. Surprisingly, once the study of theoretical material will be confirmed in practice, and you will understand how the rules work directly on the road, everything will be much clearer, and the picture is completely folded down. But do not interrupt the training, coming from a driving school after classes: study traffic situations and rules can and public transportation, the code you are going to work or home. It's enough to look out the window and analyze the actions of road users. Most instructors of driving schools recommend their trainees exactly what to do. Gradually you get used to analyze the traffic situation and to assess other road users in accordance with the rules. And when you sit behind the wheel themselves, you will not experience problems with the application of rules in a given traffic situation.

Useful tips
To all the above, you can add a few simple tips that should not be neglected because of their proven loyalty to the time and those who with their help was able to quickly learn the traffic rules . So, to simplify your task and quickly learn the theory , you need :
  • explore the theoretical material in small portions, making breaks (forty minutes teach ten rest) than just trying to cover all;
  • repeat learned at least three times;
  • study theory in the morning (best time period 8 - 11 am), so the absorption of the material is better;
  • to better remember to use all three types of memory: auditory, visual, motor (ie listening, reading, writing);
  • read a textbook or a best out of order, so the material will be absorbed without reference to the other chapters.

Once the necessary theoretical knowledge about traffic rules will be acquired , it is necessary proreshat examination tickets SDA. If you're lucky , you can even find the version tickets that will have you on the exam in GIDBB . Way tickets can now be found for all types of popular mobile platforms - Android and iOS.

Learn the rules and take the exam in the traffic police are not so difficult.