How to call DPS mobile?

From traffic accidents are not insured by any one , even the most experienced and accurate driver . Especially in large cities with heavy traffic . In cases where the participants of the accident can not come to an agreement in the establishment of the guilty party , or as a result of an accident caused harm to the health of people on the scene it is necessary to cause traffic police for the capture and processing of all the circumstances of the event according to the current regulations.

It is a challenge and there is an unexpected difficulty . Under the usually hand , there is only a cell phone , and of all emergency numbers by memory fails to recall only 02 , which can be dialed only from stationary phones . When you try to dial a two digit number on the mobile you will receive an error message , or an unsupported request.

But this problem is solved quite simply several possible ways.
  1. One need only remember the rules of dialing emergency numbers from their mobile phones. They are only slightly different f
    or different operators . The operator of cellular communication Beeline ahead need to dial a two digit number 0. The Megafon and MTS added after the number zero , while Tele2 acceptable both. The full form of the police number of different operators is presented in Table .
    Tele2020 or 002

  2. A more simple, accessible and easy to remember way to set the phone Unified Rescue Service (MES) at 112. This number is the same for all mobile phone operators and all can be typed in any balance sheet , even if it is locked or no SIM-card. Your call will take one of the operators working in the service of emergency calls , and redirect it to the requested service .
  3. If the accident happened in an area where there is no stable signal from your carrier, ask a passing driver to call traffic police officers after they will be in the range of communications.
In the future, be sure to write to contact your mobile phone number direct traffic police in your village.