How to clean windows without streaks?

Divorce on the windows - is perhaps one of the major problems in cleaning the apartment. The same problem often occurs with mirrors, to which we pay attention even more than in the window. You can use improvised solutions or expensive bought-out by means of the store, but in both cases the surface, though clean, can shine whitish stains that does not look aesthetically pleasing. If the window are divorce, then they will quickly settle the dust and dirt, especially from the outside. Therefore, the question arises how and what to wash the windows, that they are not left streaks.

How to wash?
So, to the question of cleaning windows should come up with a choice of detergent. The first option - to buy something in the store, where in front of you is a selection from a variety of different names. Buy cheap means, the effect is the same as after the expensive. Most often, the difference in price is caused by a degree of brand awareness and active components in the majority of funds are the same. If you go for such
a facility in a large supermarket, then they often have household chemicals under its own brand, the price of such products are very cheap, but the quality is not inferior to well-known manufacturers.

The second option - tested home remedies . This can be a simple soap , ammonia , vinegar . All these means tested more than one generation , they really work . To learn how to use them will be discussed below . You will also be useful to old newspapers , squeegee window cleaner , cotton cloth or special cleaning cloth microfiber .

How to wash?
Even when using the purchased assets for the beginning it is better to wash the window with soapy water. To do this, you can use a shaving soap, dishwashing detergent or cleaner floor. Dilute something of it in the water and thoroughly wash the window of a simple mud cloth. Then dry the surface of the paper and apply a window cleaner (usually in spray bottle) to a clean and dry surface. Rub it is also better newspaper. The same principle is used vinegar or ammonia - are added to water and the resulting solution washed window. Then rinse with clean water and wipe dry with paper. To wash plastic windows without streaks, follow the same way - no different from the usual wooden windows is not here.

In stores you can find a special microfiber cloth, which is simple enough to moisten with water and wipe the window - it works without additional funds. Only the very need to periodically wash cloth during operation. When you're done, right again wipe everything dry with paper. Why is it necessary? Stains are formed on the window badly washed, and water remaining on the glass, upon drying leaves traces of detergent on the windows or from the fact that the glass is dry unevenly, wherein a moisture accumulates more and dries it also It gives divorces. For the same reason, to wash the windows should be embarking on a cloudy day with no wind. The sun and the wind contribute to a more rapid drying of the windows and, as a consequence, in some places the water can accumulate more here and divorces.

What is the result?
As a result, you have beautiful shiny windows without streaks that stay clean longer . Let's repeat : first my window any tool you like , and then wash again with clean water or window cleaner and rub to a shine glass newspaper. At the same time to wash the outside of the window, choose a windless cloudy day . See, wash windows without streaks easily, if only to follow these rules . You certainly will succeed !