Jessica Simpson after birth

recently Jessica Simpson joined the ranks of Hollywood's sexiest moms.Two months after her son was born Ace, she appeared in public at a party in honor of the birthday of her fiance Eric Johnson.Jessica looked good in a black short dress and quite frankly, that has demonstrated its very slender legs.She was also wearing a stylish black-and-white jacket.

itself Jessica decided to publish his photos on Twitter with congratulations and a declaration of love against her future husband.To celebrate this momentous occasion the young couple decided in one of the best restaurants in Santa Monica.There they regaled excellent Japanese cuisine, then fed and contented little decided to "roll the balls" bowling.

Ace was the second joint baby Jessica and Eric.The very same young mum is very glad to replenish his family.She tries to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food, and always comes in a cheerful and upbeat.Perhaps this is the secret of such a beautiful appearance of Jessica.