Maria Kozhevnikova secretly married in Nice

Maria Kozhevnikova , known to the public as an actress and a State Duma deputy, recently was married with her boyfriend in France, without telling the press.With his beloved Maria met about two years, in the same year, the lovers decide to marry.The choice fell on the church Orthodox Cathedral (St. Nicholas), but who is not in Russia and in the south of France, in the infamous Nice.

Church Kozhevnikova was chosen without reason: in one of the film projects Igor Ugolnikova actress thoroughly studied the history of world wars, including World War I and during the study Mary especially interested in the topic associated with the St. Nicholas Cathedral and the icon of Saint Nicholas, which is therestored.

the wedding was attended by 12 people, among whom was a singer Zara with her husband.After the ceremony, guests from the bride and groom celebrate the event in one of the restaurants in town.