Weddings will not be - Kelly Osbourne has decided to break the engagement

Not all Hollywood stories have a happy ending.Some of them come to an end this drama.This happened with Kelly Osbourne and her fiance Matthew Mosshart.Just yesterday, a young couple has officially announced that it intends to terminate his engagement.However, fans should not expect any "dirty" details that led to this decision.

As stated by Kelly herself, the event was widely anticipated for her and Matthew: "It was a mutual decision.We love each other.Just has not come yet.The main thing is that we are both mature enough to stay after all that good friends.We were able to maintain a great relationship.And I am very glad that everything turned out that way.Therefore, one should not expect a dramatic denouement.Quite simply, this happens in life. "

Mosshart proposed to his sweetheart in the summer of last year, during their joint holiday.Incidentally, immediately after the announcement of the termination of the engagement, Kelly saw the company of Justin Bieber, who is still very worried about his

break with Selena Gomez.