Justin Bieber took a mobile

last party in the home of the popular among the young singer Justin Bieber has done a lot of noise.Not only that, in prison for drug possession was his best friend, it turns out, the police also took away a star mobile phone than caused a lot of resentment and even unhealthy anxiety in Justin's entourage.According to official sources, the company is a singer not a joke upset when she learned that the "mobile" into the hands of the cops.

wonder what's so terrible is stored that makes my knees tremble young celebrities?Judging by what happened on Tuesday, there can be anything you want.And if you take into consideration the fact that it is - not the first such party in the performance of the "golden youth" of Hollywood, will be scared everyone.

Some argue that most afraid of Justin publishing pictures where there are bare his girlfriend, and he pressed his nose against the "white powder."It then may go to jail not only his friend, but he Bieber and a dozen people from his company.Ah, youth ...