How to learn to drive a woman?

As a child, the girls do not play with cars , it is the prerogative of boys . But this does not mean that a woman is worse to cope with driving when matures . The common assertion that women drive a car worse than men , turned out to be nothing more than a myth. Reports of accidents do not leave any doubt : women were significantly less likely to get into accidents on the roads. Moreover - even if an accident occurs involving them , the perpetrators often are not they .

By the way, this attitude to women behind the wheel - a purely Russian invention . We tried to voice our homegrown chauvinists famous thesis of a monkey with a grenade or a German - God forbid ! - American . Few would have thought ! However, we were lucky : in some Arab countries, women drive cars generally are not permitted .
To drive or not to drive?
But, unfortunately , a widespread belief in the inability of women to cope with traffic , more complex than the stroller or cart in a supermarket , has become so popular that many people still
stick with it. And including - many females. It is often the stop of the fair sex , when it comes time to go to driving school . "If God would have it, I drove , I would have three legs !" - Say women and for all abandon the idea of ​​their own to conquer the road.

If you're still wondering: if you need to pass on the right, just answer yourself two questions:
  • Does your health?
  • Would you prefer to travel by car?

If both questions you gave a positive answer, go to the driving school is.

However, the driving style and approach to training for men and women is still different. Women are more emotional , they are more upset by his failures . They have better developed peripheral vision , on the one hand, it allows to see the danger ahead , if it occurs , and on the other - are often distracting their attention from the road.

To learn how to drive a car, a woman must first overcome their own fears - in fact it is this and nothing else is the main obstacle on the way to the cherished "crust".

What are afraid of women?
How to learn to drive a woman?Firstly, the very accident . Road crashes do not happen very often , and if you drive carefully - risk of being in it is minimal . In addition, your car is insured - in case something goes wrong , it can be put in the proper form without much cost .

Following are , oddly enough , a very " scary " to other cars . Streams of cars that travel towards the rear , too, is not so dangerous. None of the participants in the movement is not intended to crash into you or to push to the sidelines , and if experienced drivers see that driving a novice, they themselves are extremely careful and accurate. So , performing maneuvers , do not rush , do everything carefully , even if it takes some time .

Another fear - " I do not work! " . If something can not be right , it does not mean that you do not have appropriate talent - just continue to train and succeed. Believe me , those arrogant aces that today casually turn the steering wheel left little finger , parallel legs on the phone discussing the passing ladies, too, had shed liters of sweat , frantically clutching the steering wheel, and confused the gas and brake .

The Iron Lady on the iron horse.
For some reason, it is believed that women with masculine traits , easier to train driving. This is not so . Delicate and feminine creation can be controlled with an iron horse is not worse than the harsh business woman . A driver's license alone will not make Turgenev impudent young lady special . Driving a car - it's just another skill , and nothing more.

Mistakes are often made by women.
Learning to drive a woman will be much easier if it will avoid the most common mistakes.
  • Do not take for their classes your car a young man ( her husband ) , and he himself - as an instructor , no matter how great the temptation . His attitude to " swallow " too timid , and, of course , he can afford to incorrect statements about your driving. It is not necessary to undermine the self-confidence. It is better to hire a private instructor. Corrects your mistakes - his work and giving the car in the hands of the student or the instructor or driving school does not even suggest that the machine will operate flawlessly.
  • Do not give light weight machine warning "kettles" and "slippers."
  • Do not make the first big breaks.

Master the art of driving a woman , for that matter , and the man will help resolve , understanding the need for this process, and of course , patience and perseverance . In the presence of these components is already very soon to go to the store to shop , to work or to another city to become the best friend for you everyday and simple thing .