How to eat fish

Not everyone knows how to eat a variety of fish dishes.But still easy to master this wisdom.

So eat fish dishes with a special knife and fork for the fish.Knife separate the meat from the bones, not slicing it into pieces.If you do not have a special set for cutting fish dishes, you can use only one fork, helping himself to a piece of bread, which is held in the left hand.

Snacks fish - sturgeon, herring rolls - cut knife snack.

boiled fish and fish smoked only eat with a fork.Hot smoked fish is first purified from the skin, and then separate the meat from the bones.After eaten upper portion eats fish inverted and a second side.

If the fish is served with lemon, squeeze its juice on the fish, and he set aside a slice on the edge of the plate.

fish to eat very carefully, carefully clearing it from the bones.If you get a bone in his mouth gently spit it on a fork and set aside on the edge of the plate.

must know that boiled fish served in a shallow dish with a side dish.The sauce is served separatel


Fried fish is served in an oval dish, often with potatoes.Bones can be submitted Pyrozhkov plate.