How to make a cheat sheet classic cheat-sheet:

bobma - is a ready answer sheet during the exam replaced
cons: the exams at the university leaves give stamped ... will not replace

2) make a little spur font size 46.Fit is very much important to choose the size of your vision under

3) on the headset (Bluetooth or wired) to your someone dictating answers

4) on the record player ready

5) makes a long ribbon with a response and druh sidescongealing .. receive for roller near .. then strapped on both sides thread .. ie you can twist it and watch .. you need

good option with answers recorded on the audio player.Earphone stretched inside the sleeve so that it could not be seen (ie earphone sleeve, the wire can be obmatat vokug buttons).Volume is adjusted so that the audience in silence, with his hand on the desk lowered sound was heard, and when the hand props chin "thoughtful" pose - heard.If we consider that this is an ordinary prokanaet volkmene, then svoremennym MP3 player, the chances increase even more becausePlayer

was much more and I could not switch tracks :) (it was the most difficult - Rewind to the desired question).So clearly dictate, do not forget the question number at the beginning to talk and forth - "thoughtful" pose, remember writing that, then again, etc.