How to work with a video camera few tips that will help you shoot better video his home video camera
  • Practice zooming, object tracking, a vertical panorama, moving without writing to the disk.
  • Experiment by placing the camera in a different position.
  • If possible, use a tripod.Hold the camera steady, holding the body of the elbow of the arm, and that you hold the camera.
  • Use your storyboard and a list of frames as a guide to the shooting.
  • When a picture watch that moves the object or whether it is fixed - it will help you determine how to take it off.
  • Get used to move together with a video camera instead of using zoom.
  • Follow continuity.
  • camera angle influences the perception of the viewer, that is, if you take off the top, the object will appear smaller and defenseless;If you shoot from below, the object appears big and strong;if you shoot at eye level, the object will appear equal.
  • before shooting recorded for 30 seconds with unremoved lens cap.
  • For a smoother installation, start recording 5 seconds before the shooting.