spaghetti There are several ways to use this dish.We'll look at two of the most common - " classic " and " Italian ".

Whichever method you ate spaghetti, you need to follow the cardinal rule of etiquette at the table at a time on a fork needed to gain no more than two or three strings of pasta.According

" classical " method Spaghetti eat a tablespoon, which is held in the left hand and the fork, which is held in the right.Plug to hook two or three strands of pasta, and pulled them up to his chest.After that, begin to wind by rotating the plug while lowering it into the plate.Complete winding down almost into a plate of spaghetti - in outstretched spoon, whose role is that of spaghetti on a fork spaghetti were separated from the plate.

" Italian " method does not require the use of a spoon.Typing on a fork two or three strands of pasta, they pulled up to the chest, and then, still holding the fork at the same level, is wound on her spaghetti.

According to the rules of etiquette, the spaghetti is served as a sep

arate dish.Complementing and decoration are sauces.All other Italians prefer homemade sauce of fresh tomatoes with spicy seasonings.The sauce should be served in a gravy boat, and always warm.