Movie The more complex your videos, the more time and effort they require.But that should not stop you.Indeed, you have a lot of work, but the more effort you put, the better the results you will achieve.


  • Decide, from whose perspective the story will be conducted (and who says that he was going to tell).
  • Do not use words, if the story can be told with the help of pictures.
  • Bring your viewers to the scene.
  • dialogue should be realistic (such as people say in life).
  • dialogues and narration should promote action.
  • verb denoting action.
  • Use realistic details (clothing that is appropriate for this time, place, action, character) .v
  • script must include a description of the scene, scenery, costumes.
  • voice-over refers to the scene, describes what happened or will soon happen, explains how the events are connected with each other.
  • involves Are you the viewer into the story?Kindle whether his interest so that he wanted to look further?Do
  • clearly marked the ending in which to solve problems?


  • team members who do not act before the camera, should check the equipment before shooting.For example, director or director-producer shall require the sound test, make sure the microphones are turned on.
  • Stage Director should have the list of frames and striking out the captured footage.
  • filming coordinator should make a checklist to verify that all the audio and video equipment, as well as energy sources are properly connected and the battery is charged.The operator checks whether there is enough disk space (the film) to complete each take and properly signed by each disk (film).

Those technical skills and experience that you were in the days of working on the film, more than once will be useful to you in the future!

After all the work is completed, you will be glad that spent more energy on something to create a movie that you and your teammates will be able to be proud of.

especially if it gets in the number of films selected by the organizers of the project for the annual film festival.

Assemble a team and make a checklist for each survey to know that all that is needed, there are ready to go.

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