How to deal with the traffic police? lack of mutual understanding between drivers and traffic police have become the norm.Unscrupulous drivers violate traffic rules and unscrupulous traffic police can stop and just.How to properly communicate with the employees of the state traffic police?

Firstly, the situation in which the driver can be stopped by traffic police, divided into two types: for violation and "just so".But in any situation when dealing with the traffic police should be aware of their civil rights and be guided by the rules of the road.

And secondly, remember that the policeman is not a king and not God and should not be afraid of him.If the driver nervously crumpled, his hands were shaking, he thus reveals his uncertainty and fear.It can cause unfair to bribe inspectors.

So you stopped by traffic police.What are your actions?

  1. not need to leave the car. ask you to leave the car traffic police inspector of the law can not.Therefore Talk to the inspector through the open window of the car.
  2. you have the legal right to mak
    , that in front of you a policeman, not a crook.So you can show a valid request traffic policeman inspector, stop you.It gives you the right to Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On Militia".If you think that you have stopped illegally, it is advisable to remember or write down the name and ID number of the inspector.These data will be useful for you to appeal to a court.Feel free to check the photo on the identity of the original.It is your right.
  3. You have the right to know the reason why you stopped. Therefore, referring to the law of Ukraine "On Road Traffic", requires that the reason for the stop.If you suspect that the reason for stopping the illegal, for example, an inspector declares that the operation is conducted, which requires verification of documents for all the drivers, then find out whether this is actually possible for the traffic police helpline.If you do not know the number of the phone in your city, you have the right to demand it from the inspectors.Just like that stop you for document checks policeman can not!
  4. reason stops can be quite legitimate.For example, you are not wearing.It's really a violation of traffic rules.Therefore, you should always wear seat .
  5. Inspector stop you, knowing that you are in a state of intoxication.If you know that sober and do not drink alcohol, it requires expertise in drug treatment department , and not in place "in the tube."You have the right to demand that you brought to the narcology expertise to transport the traffic police.You can appeal the inspector's action to the prosecutor.If you are really drunk, you violated the traffic rules and after the examination in the drug treatment compartment is the appropriate protocol.
  6. inspector has no right to demand that you open the trunk. It can only be requested.The inspector is entitled only to an external inspection, not a search without a warrant.If you are asked to open the trunk during any operation (such as "Interception"), remember that unscrupulous traffic police can toss in your trunk is something there and there was no trace.So before you open the trunk, you have the right to request to file a report on administrative detention in the presence of two witnesses.
  7. inspector has no right to stop you while off duty. So you can be required to show badge.If a policeman working for a private car, you are entitled to ask why.Note the presence of pass inspection by car traffic police.If the ticket is not available, select this inspector.
  8. If you are stopped for a violation, do not give a bribe traffic police , otherwise you yourself are breaking the law by offering a bribe to an official in the performance.
  9. If you are stopped for a violation, always formed with the inspector protocol .Be sure to read it carefully.Notice whether all filled out correctly.Signatories to the Protocol are obliged to both sides. driver subscribes to the offense, under the comment and confirm with his signature that he is familiar with Article 63 of the Constitution of Ukraine and Article 268 of the Administrative Code (the Code of Administrative Offences).If inspector familiarize you with these articles, you have the right signature in this column and not to indicate this fact in the comments. If you believe in illegality Inspector sure to specify in the comments , they do not agree with the report and agree to give arguments in court.If a policeman obviously wrong, then most likely a protocol on his car will not go.
  10. If a policeman stops you for speeding , then without a special device, which in addition to speed reading is also carried out surveillance, he can not prove that the instrument shows exactly your speed.In general, the use of such devices requires the presence of inspectors from the documents on the device, registration certificate stamped on checking gears.If the original documents on the device provide you with the inspector for review can not, you can specify the protocol, that the testimony of the trust instrument is impossible.At readings may also affect the weather or the time of day, depending on its type.If you notice that the device is used in accordance with the instructions, then select it in the protocol.

is important to always remember that inspector has no right to take you driver's license or a car in place.Send the car for shtrafploschadku inspector has the right, if you do not have pass inspection.

When dealing with the traffic police importantly - know your rights, but do not forget about the responsibilities. course, to bribe the inspectors easier and faster.If every driver will act according to the law, the number of traffic police take bribes significantly poumenshitsya.And you, as a "smart" driver, the traffic police for no apparent reason no longer try to stop.