Recipe actors Lenkom

Recipe actors Lenkom:

If the state of extreme intoxication need to quickly sober up, put a wet towel on the floor, stand on it barefoot and slowly fingers tion "Pick up" a towel under the foot.
When all the towel will be at your feet, you will become crystal sober.But this condition will last an hour and a half, and then you disconnect.
Therefore, this method "sobering up" is good in cases where you need a short time to get rid of an intoxicated state.For example, to play a play ......

By the way, another lenkomovskaya trick.If the morning after a stormy booze Your face is only suitable to sit on it, and you need to look great - apply on face for 10-15 minutes a layer of toothpaste.In the old days, when Lenk was still Tetarom Lenin Komsomol, for this purpose, use toothpaste "Pomarin."Now, perhaps, it will suit any.
After 10-15 minutes rinse with warm water paste and boldly looking in the mirror: the face is fresh, ruddy, without the bags under the eyes and other outrages hangover.Here are just
eyes may be red or treacherously muddy .... But for this, there are sunglasses !!!!!