How to learn to sing by yourself? Singing loved by many.We sing with your friends with the guitar by the campfire or gathered at the banquet table, sing along with favorite singers, presenting a comb - a microphone, humming to himself hit tunes in the shower.That is only love - not to be able to.If you have seriously decided to make singing your hobby, you probably already wondering «How to learn to sing by yourself?»

Any singer with experience will tell you that to learn to sing by yourself is very difficult: to study singing needs teacher who put his voice to be constantlycontrol you and to correct errors.It's hard - but not impossible.If you are not going to conquer the big stage, it is quite possible learn to sing their own .Montserrat Caballe not outshine you, but vocals have improved.

first important condition for learning to sing - a musical ear .Without hearing learn to sing by yourself will not work - you simply will not "fall" in the correct notes.But do not get upset: it is difficult to find a person completely devoid of

musical ear.Most likely, the "beginnings" musical ear you have, you just have to develop it.

First you need to learn how to sing in unison .Unison - the simultaneous sounding of two (or more) sound the same height.Singing in unison - then at the same time with someone to execute a note of the same height.It is best to start with one note, for example, the sound of piano keys or guitar string.

unlikely that you'll get the first time to get in tune, but do not stop trying.If you find it difficult to sing the sound in the right key, try to hum with the mouth closed.Learning to immediately enter the desired note, practice with other notes in the range available to you.Trying at this stage to extend the range and taking too high or too low notes not worth - is unlikely you will, on the contrary, you can harm your voice.

learn to identify the pitch at the hearing and enter the desired tone, you can proceed to the next step.If you do not have a teacher, and you are trying to learn to sing by yourself, you will have someone to emulate.Let this be one of your favorite artists, who sings in a key with you - you must be comfortable under him "adjust". includes recording and try to sing along (again, in unison).But try to adjust the second voice (singing in the third) is early.

to learn to sing by yourself, it is important to be able to hear yourself .Singing and simultaneously listen and determine whether you sing, it is difficult.So you have to get the recording equipment and record your singing, and then listen carefully recorded several times.Please note that your voice will seem as if the "other" - this is natural, we hear his voice "inside" is not the way it is perceived by others.Abstracted from the unusual sound and objectively evaluate your singing: if you hit into the right notes?Beautifully Do you sound?

But singing - it's not only the ability to hit the notes. for proper singing is very important breathing and articulation .In singing breath involved the lower ribs and the diaphragm (the muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal).The breath should be short, energetic, and exhale - smooth.In this breathing should be as natural.It is important to control the depth of inhalation and exhalation duration, because the dialed when inhaling air should be enough just to ensure that you exhale sing a phrase.Take a breath in through your nose you need!

Besides breathing need to develop diction and articulation - you do not want to sing like chew porridge?This will help the good old patter.They will help to put not only the articulation, but breathing.Breathe in through the nose and in the same breath say patter.Make sure that all the sounds were uttered clearly, paying special attention to the endings of words: they can not "swallow".Do not try to talk at a rapid pace, your priority - not the speed and clarity of .Articulation singing clearer, exaggerated than normal conversation.

Plenty train and deciding what you have achieved some success, you can try to sing to someone from relatives and friends - let them evaluate your progress.Do not be afraid of criticism : it will show you which direction to go next.

As you can see, learn to sing by yourself is quite possible, most importantly - perseverance and patience.Not every "homegrown" singer can become a star, but the singing is guaranteed lift your mood, help fight stress, liberated, to get rid of complexes and believe in themselves - and that's a lot!

How to learn to sing by yourself?