How to choose the skates? Ice skating - one of the favorite pastimes for children and adults.And now, when the winter cold and the snow gave skating is possible not only to indoor rinks, but also on the numerous outdoor areas.Join us and you!If you skate yet, the country will prompt tips, how to choose skates .

to choose the right skates, need to decide to start with a view to their use .As you know, there are hockey skates, figure, walking - these names clearly the purposes for which each type of skates is.The approach to the selection of hockey, recreational and figured skates should be different.

Usually unprofessional skating chosen cheap hockey or curly model - these are the horses represented in most sporting goods stores.Figure skates are different from hockey shape of the blade, as well as the presence of teeth on the blades.

addition, curly shoes skates are usually made of leather or imitation leather , whereas hockey skates have a good pace to protect against impact, and because they are made from synthetic mat

erials, and to support the ankle, they use plastic pads, heel and toesuch skates are reinforced metal mesh.

If you want to skate to skate just for fun, your choice - it pleasure skating .Pleasure horses are very similar to hockey, but they are made of lighter materials, as well as keep the ankle is not so much.

to choose the right skates, you need to remember that fitting shoe should always be carried out on a warm thick socks - one in which you will ride.Properly selected size skates is crucial.The shoe is too loose can move the foot, and then increases the risk of injury when riding.If your skates are too narrow, and the ride you will be uncomfortable, and the health of your tion benefits it will bring.

Skates must be firmly fix the ankle, but because when selected importance attached to the boot height, stiffness of the material , from which it is made, as well as the quality of the shoe lacing.So, it is not recommended for beginners to buy skates too hard or too soft boots, and the height should allow the boot leg firmly "sitting" in the skate.The more holes for the laces, the stronger you can lace up the skates and ice skates are so convenient to be when riding.

to choose the right skates is important to pay attention also to their blade .Skate blades inexpensive models, usually made of stainless steel, they must not be too thin.After the acquisition of skates before the first access to the skating rink, better skate blades sharpened in a specialized workshop.

If choose the right skates , then skating on them will bring you real pleasure.Just do not forget to care for your purchase: do not dry skates in various heating devices, do not leave them for a long time lying in a bag or package, do not go skating on asphalt or concrete.Let your skates will serve you more than one winter!

How to choose the skates?