The search for missing people Surely you've seen the ad "left home and never came back" - on television, in social networks, on street poles and bulletin boards.We all hope that with our family this will never happen, but just in case it is necessary to know how the search for missing people .

People who have lost someone close, often panic, not knowing what to grab and where to call in the first place: the friends, the police, hospitals and morgues.Or is it better to give the ad in social networks, or maybe just to paste photos of an ad in the district? How to start a search for missing people?

Tracing missing persons may exercise the police (police), private detectives or yourself.And best combine all three methods , so the probability of finding a missing person increases.

Let's start with the investigation with the help of law enforcement agencies.The statement about the disappearance can be submitted by calling the police.The duty is obliged to accept it immediately, no matter how long a person was missing and where he supp

osedly disappeared.Note that apply only has the right to a guardian or relative , for this you will need to provide documents that prove your identity.

make a call, wait for the arrival of the investigation group.But do not sit idly by: try to collect as much information about the missing .This does not affect acceptance of your application for failure, but it will help speed up the search and increase the chances of finding the missing.

find all documents that contain information about the missing man, all his contacts (addresses from phones to pages on social networks), collect information about their interests, hobbies, friends forever. To accurately describe the appearance need a photograph (the latest and most successful), anthropometric characteristics (body type, height, etc.), a description of distinguishing marks (moles, birthmarks, scars, tattoos), as well as a precise description of clothes, whichHe was wearing the missing persons.

also need to call all the relatives and friends , and it is best to do this before applying to law enforcement agencies.First, make sure that no missing one of them.Secondly, it will help to establish when they last saw the missing or communicate with him.

If an adult is missing, operational and investigative work zavedut within 10 days. In the case of the disappearance of the child makes the plant during the day , wanted children is under special control of ATS.Statistics encouraging - during the day are up to 80% of the missing minors.

to start operational investigative group will set all the details and gather all the information, and then - surveys of the population, then immediately begin the search for "hot pursuit".If within 1-2 weeks of the person is not found, start checking hospitals, railway stations, detention center and others. If you think that the searches carried out in good faith, you can call the hotline and complain about the actions of .

Tracing missing persons private detectives fundamentally no different from the investigation by law enforcement authorities in terms of methods.Just private detectives More motivated (you pay them), not distracted by paperwork and completely given case, while at the security officers there are many other activities in addition to your business.Therefore it is better to apply and the police, and a detective agency.

You can also search for missing people to exercise self-, again, in addition to the investigation.For a start ring up all the friends and acquaintances lost a man, go around the places where it may be presumed, and interview passers-by.

can help and announcements about finding .Paper ad with a photo, physical description and distinguishing marks and phone number you can paste up in the appropriate places.Also, try to send the image of the missing person in the local media and place ads on social networks (including on blog platforms).

to search for missing people has been successful, it is necessary to make every effort .Of course, well, if you never have to search for a relative or friend, but the knowledge of what to do in case of loss, will never be superfluous.

The search for missing people