Ornaments of wedding machines with their own hands to decorating wedding convoy of cars should be approached not only creative, but also wisely.Think in advance how you want to decorate the car.Do not delay this issue on the back burner, to the last day before the wedding, you do not break your head over the registration of vehicles.Soviet country will tell you what can be decoration of wedding cars with their hands .

Ornaments of wedding machines with their own hands - is a ritual .In bridal salons offer this service, but when every penny counts, often have to deal with registration of cars themselves.

that currently included in the design of wedding cars?It can be balloons, bouquets of flowers, ribbons, rings .These or other decorations are used in various combinations.No matter what kind of design you choose, the main thing - is to follow certain rules of decoration of wedding cars.

Remember that all your decorations should go well with the colors of the machine .Typically, for a wedding convoy used gray, white and black cars.For black vehicles

should use bright decoration for gray and white - bright.All the decorations that you use should be a good fix that during their movements suddenly blown off the flow of oncoming air.Torn jewelry will interfere with the driver, which can lead to accidents.Agree, would be an unpleasant situation.

now is to elaborate on how to decorate a wedding car. most frequently used tape , which can be easily and quickly decorate the hood of the car.We give some advice about the tapes.It is best to use a sufficiently wide ribbons in three different colors.If you are afraid to make the wrong choice of colors tapes, you can use three shades of one color.It is also necessary to measure the size of the pre-hood car to buy a tape and a half times longer.

Wedding ribbon on the car can be fixed very easily.It's enough to one side sewn together to sew elastic bands .When you attach the tape on the hood, sew elastic bands to the second end.You can be sure that the tape will hold well.Instead gum can use two tapes, which are sewn to both ends of the tapes.When decorating machines pull the braid and tie it.

of the tapes can be made as various decorations : Butterfly (which is sewn on tape), and Rose (for decorating pens).Also, you can tie a ribbon to the antenna of the machine.

Besides tapes used flowers .Most often, bouquets of flowers are located on the roof of the car, where the cost of the ring.But it is also possible to use flowers to decorate the hood handles and body of the car.These can be separately arranged flowers and wreaths whole or thematic compositions (rings, hearts, names).Ornaments of wedding machines with their own hands to do better of artificial flowers.They work a lot easier.Attaching flowers best by straps.Attach fresh flowers is very difficult, but even more difficult to maintain their freshness.Professional florists to decorate the machines use different tools, which are almost impossible to find on the open market.

Another type of decoration machines - a tulle .Often a piece of tulle drape and attach the hood so as to completely cover it.Free edge should hang tulle, forming a small tail.Additionally tulle decorated with artificial flowers, bows and butterflies.Fatin so versatile that it can be easy to decorate the whole hood.So, you can try to stretch tulle around the hood, extending it from the lower edge to the upper corners.Additionally tulle pull together in several places and decorate.

In addition to these methods, how to make a decoration of wedding cars, you can also think about their design balls, butterflies, dolls, stuffed animals, swans .Note that you can not inflate the balloons to their full size, so they do not burst.

also stands alone talk about decorating wedding machines with their own hands with the help of butterflies. small butterfly perfectly mounted on thin nylon tape , which pull in a grid.At the intersections of tapes can be mounted butterflies, for which they are attached or bonded tightly with tape.

Ornaments of wedding machines with their own hands