How to behave at a party going to visit - it enjoyable.However, sometimes this kind of entertainment turns into an agonizing process.Every educated person should know, how to behave at a party, otherwise you can earn a reputation as inhospitable host or too uncultured person.

Imagine the situation: a man came to you, you were not invited.He behaves casually, constantly complains about the life and, apparently, to leave in the near future is not going to.Your coffee is too bitter for him, and cheesecake - very sweet.Seeing the house, for example, your sister, a guest complains about her presence, because in some there, she stepped on his foot in the bus.The situation is absurd.It's time to gently remind this type of people, how to behave at a party, and simultaneously to test themselves on the cultural and decency.

There are some rules that will help you understand how to behave at a party, to have found it necessary to invite more than once.

go to visit on the invitation. not impose familiar with the visit.This way you

can bring great discomfort owners who expected to spend time in advance ugotovlennoy plan.

Visiting never show their discontent refreshments or company.If the food you do not like - you can politely refuse to main dishes, saying that you have a special diet or regimen.Needless to say, as the heroine of Vera Alentova in the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" that she had lunch before going to visit.This remark hurt the owners, because they prepared a dinner party for you.The same applies to the company: seeing unpleasant person you say hello and switch attention to individuals with whom you are pleased to communicate.

not go to visit with strangers. This causes stress not only the owners of the house, where you're invited, but also of accompanying you.In addition, it is not necessary to go with the kids in the company, where children are expected.About animals special conversation: never come to visit with pets, if it was not agreed upon in advance because of your hobbies in common with the owners of pets.

Never shows his bad mood. This not only causes irritation in the company, but also spoils the whole picture of the holiday.Remember how frustrating to go to public transport with a man who throws himself at all with the scandalous remarks because of a bad mood.You can be sure - you are in such a situation will not look better.

not to stay until midnight at a party. Imagine how tired home, trying to provide you with a pleasant pastime.Needless to say, "we'll probably already tired of you" or "We have enjoyed it so much that you have to expel us."This will not gladden the home, and vice versa, angry, no matter how hospitable they were.

In the early nineteenth century, was published a terrific book "Tips noble upbringing and manners."In one of the sections discussed how to behave at a party.One of the golden rules went something like this: ¬ęDo not go on a visit to annoy the owner or to show your bad temper.In this case, it is better to stay home. " Remember that trek to visit - it is not only pleasant, but very important process, which shows the front side of your upbringing.From the reputation acquired by the company, depending where you will meet the parties and whether you are pleased at such events.

How to behave at a party