Wedding traditions in Russia Each country has its own wedding traditions and customs.It is always very interesting and exciting to read about the unusual wedding ceremonies of other nations, but hardly anyone wants to include them in his own wedding.Most brides and grooms prefer to abide by the usual wedding traditions in Russia .

Wedding traditions in Russia originated in ancient Russia, some of which is also connected with the pagan Slavs wedding ceremony.Of course, time has made its own adjustments, and many wedding traditions "modernize." There are new traditions, for example, the first dance at their chosen bridal music .And some traditions (such as the throwing of the bride's bouquet) were borrowed from the West recently, with the help of Hollywood movies.

wedding day begins not with a meeting in the registry office, and a bride price .In ancient times, the bride groom bathed with relatives in the literal sense, for the money.Now the money in the ritual of redemption receded into the background, and the redemption is a seri

es of comic test for the groom.Usually ransom prepare young friends, headed by senior witness.And before purchase young often are blessed with parents (mothers).

When the young emerge from the registrar, they sprinkled grain (now it is mostly rice, and earlier this rite used oats or millet), symbolizing wealth.A festive meal to young parents are treated with bread and salt.In the old days, bread was baked by their parents, now, of course, most of the loaf baked to order.

cutting or breaking away of pieces of loaf served as the fortune-telling, for example, who will be born the first girl or boy.Who usually guess to supremacy in the house: who bite (or broken off) a bigger piece, and that is the main .This tradition is relatively new, previously a chief was always the husband.

And when parents of young utter his first word at the wedding table, performed the rite of kindling hearth .Newlyweds are holding a large candle, and her parents are lit tapers (previously used for this torch).Now the ceremony is often transferred to the end of the wedding dinner: burning candles looks beautiful when it was already dark and you can turn off the lights.When

gala dinner is over, the young go home - they will have the wedding night.In the old days, young not sent home, and the barn in the bath or in the barn .It was believed that if the place of their first bedchamber remain secret, it will protect them from evil slander and evil eye.

In our time in the evil eye is hard to believe, but young often still tend to spend their wedding night in a luxurious bridal suite .Although it is the first wedding night the newlyweds usually find the money and gifts or sleep without the hind legs after a hard day, but do not have sex.

If newly minted husband and wife still go home, husband often brings his wife across the threshold on their hands .The roots in this beautiful tradition is also growing from pagan times.Then his wife moved to the house husband, and felt that the house could take unkindly to the person of another kind.So his wife was transferred across the threshold on their hands to deceive brownie, saying that it is not a foreign adult and newborn baby.

Now this beautiful custom, like many other wedding traditions in Russia, has lost its original meaning : brownies, and we do not believe, and my wife is not always moved to the house of her husband (the opposite often happens, young or enter into a new apartment).Still, brides continue to suffer through the door, why not make it enjoyable and not a hint that her husband is ready to his young wife to wear on their hands and literally and figuratively?

Wedding traditions in Russia is very varied and numerous , all of them and I do not remember.Therefore, in preparation for the wedding toastmaster necessarily discuss with holiday scenario.A good toaster should understand the wedding customs and traditions, along with it, you can choose the ones that appeal to you.

Wedding traditions in Russia