Fabrics for wedding dresses fabrics for wedding dresses need to choose very carefully.Wedding Dress - a thing quite gentle.In addition, it is necessary to take into account the choice of the season for weddings.Not every tissue painlessly tolerate heat or slush.

If we talk about buying the dress, then too it is not necessary to make a choice based solely on style. dress can be very beautiful, but the fabric, for example, is not suitable for the season .Some fabrics are too rumpled, some bad drape, and has fabric for wedding dresses that are very attracted to the end of the celebrations look like you're wearing my clothes for a week.

To help you make the right choice, consider the fabric for wedding dresses by name, considering their seasonal features .

cloth for wedding dress in the warm season

Fabrics for wedding dresses

fabrics for wedding dresses in warm weather should differ ease .It is necessary to be careful with massive embroidery and heavy accessories.If you want to hold a celebration in comfort, choose fabric for wedding dresses from the


Satin .Satin looks great, especially with embroidery.This is a very strong material with a smooth surface.

Tulle .Tulle looks very presentable, if you do not overdo it.It is best not to use this for the sewing of the fabric of the dress.This material is excellent for finishing fabrics, creating lacy patterns and ruff.

Len .This material is now very fashionable.Despite the fact that the county is very wrinkled, modern technology has made it much softer.Linen wedding dress looks very original.Especially for wedding dresses flax turned into a material with a breathable structure.

Organza .Fabrics for wedding dresses may be cheap, but look chic.This applies to the organza.Woven fabrics of synthetic fibers is very well suited for finishing the sleeves, petticoats, high collar.

Atlas .Atlas has always been, is and will be the most advantageous option, given that all the fabrics for wedding dresses are trying to achieve the right of the championship among themselves.Just atlas, particularly from natural silk fibers, always luxurious.It should only take into account the features of the figure.If you do not satin things on the figure, the material will spew out all your flaws.For wedding dress, if it is not the figure, Atlas immediately crushed in the folds and clings so you'll only ever pull up her skirt dresses and awkward feel.

Baptiste .Fabrics for wedding dresses should be sturdy and at the same time easy, because the wedding involves movement and fun.Baptiste excellent resistance to dance, travel, extreme conditions.This material is lightweight and breathable, so comfort is provided to you.

During warmer months can also use these fabrics for wedding dresses as silk, chiffon, taffeta, crepe .

cloth for wedding dress in the cold season

Fabrics for wedding dresses

cold season quite approve of the above tissues, especially linen, if it is designed for the usual technology.It should be borne in mind that for dresses in the cold season, you can use absolutely any tissue , tulle even if it is sewn on heavy foundation.

consider several types of fabrics designed specifically for the cold season :

Velvet .Velvet - Luxurious fabrics.This material is perfect for the winter period.As for the wedding dress fabric velvet satin only slightly inferior to that in warm weather it is better not to use, it will be very hot.And so, velvet looks great, especially with a refined finish.

Jersey .Jersey - a knitted material, so it is well protected from the cold.In addition, the fabric is very soft and hardly wrinkled.Given the nature of this fabric for wedding dresses, we can conclude that it is more suitable for all extreme conditions.

Brocade .Brocade looks very elegant.Ornate fabric with a pattern in the tapestry technique is perfect for the cold seasons.For the summer, of course, the fabric a little hard.The pattern on the brocade can be made with gold thread, silver in the east and a variety of sophisticated designs.Brocade as a fabric for wedding dresses is very expensive, but worth it.

As you have seen, choose fabrics for wedding dresses, in principle, it is easy .The main thing is that you feel comfortable.Beauty is not always a fundamental principle, if the clothes of a poor tissue, so try to weigh the "pros" and "cons", and let your celebration, nothing will be able to spoil the fun and comfort.

Fabrics for wedding dresses