Activities in Hungary visit Hungary, you will enjoy the medieval castles and ancient streets, beautiful monuments and friendly people, health spas and baths with mineral waters. Holiday in Hungary - high-quality and high-grade.

is worth visiting the country's capital - Budapest .It was the city of kings and nobles of European chivalric period.Celebrities lived in the town of Buda, and artisans - in Pest.In the XIX century, these cities are connected by a bridge.

Holiday in Hungary will start from the capital, where the tourists will lead to Gellert Hill , which flaunts a woman in bronze with palm branches in their hands - the Freedom Monument.From this point a beautiful view of the glorious city of Budapest.The next point - the restoration of the Royal Palace , which can get close to the cable car.

Budapest - is the cultural capital of Hungary.Architectural beauty: the Opera House, St. Stephen's Basilica, the Parliament.Trade Center - street Vaci , where a large number of hypermarkets and shopping boutiques.If someone

holiday in Hungary to start with shopping, welcome to paradise.

Other cities in Hungary are not inferior to the beauty of the capital, so it is worth to visit Visegrad, which is the summer residence of the kings, the medieval town of Eger, Hajdúszoboszló, the popular tourist city of Debrecen.

visit spas and mineral spas, where there are about 1300 in Budapest alone, there are more than 120, so choose a spot to taste and enjoy the mineral waters. most famous bathing - Gellért, Széchenyi, Royal baths.Usually, the price includes a visit to the baths.

example, Szechenyi - large complex with thermal waters, which is located in the garden Varoshliget.The water is healing, help get rid of many health problems.Even some doctors send their patients here for treatment.In the pool there is inhalation and physiotherapy department, which can be enjoyed with ailments.Kids will not be bored, as the complex offers all sorts of entertainment - swimming pools, water slides, attractions.

Another popular place with healing waters - is Miskolc-Tapolca , which is also worth visiting.Cold and hot thermal karst water formed on the slopes of Mount Byukskoy water-filled cave.Code in this cave lace, which makes it very beautiful and unusual.The air in the complex kristalno_chisty, so it is useful for people who have lung problems.

Mineral water - still not the main attraction of the country.Hungary can boast of national cuisine.Hotels in Hungary - forget about diets.Meals are very high in calories, seductive, juicy, so do not try them, you have no right. national dish : roast, goulash, lecho, schnitzel ...

you can eat it in the restaurant of the hotel and visit the city's institutions.These can be restaurants, homemade small restaurants, restaurants with author's cuisine, and an extensive menu.Most importantly, the food is not very expensive - only 150 Russian rubles.Famous restaurants in the country - Gundel .Firstly, it is its atmosphere.Cozy, warm, beautiful and good.Describe the mood of the words is not easy.Secondly, the entire staff in evening dress that speaks to their cultural and good manners.Third, the table setting and serving dishes just excellent.What's really nothing to say about the quality and taste characteristics of the foods?

In Hungary you can go in any month, but interesting events fall on:

  • March - Budapest festival of classical music (about 200 concerts);
  • June - rock festival Budapesti Bucsu;
  • July - Europe's get-together «Sziget»;
  • August - Grand Prix "Formula 1".

Hungary - is the country from which you will be thrilled.There are a huge amount of entertainment and concerts.Prices for all moderates, including liquor.For youth recreation in Hungary will not be boring, because in this country there are many clubs and pubs where you will meet friendly peers.

Activities in Hungary