Died: what to do? death of a loved one, regardless of age and health, always comes as a surprise.In this situation, many are lost and do not know what to do, and grief from the loss prevents pull myself together.However, to settle all formalities is necessary.Land of the Soviets will tell what to do if a person died .

What if a man died: standard action

first step is to call the doctors to ascertaining death .If a person died at home during the day, causing the local doctor.If the death occurred at night or at home, instead of the district call an ambulance.You also need to call a police officer , which will have to issue the autopsy protocol.If the death was not at home, he designed as the direction of the corpse for forensic autopsy.

What happens next depends on where and at what time of day a man died.If the death occurred at home and in the daytime, after registration form confirming death and autopsy protocol should contact the clinic .With an addition of these two documents you need to have a medical insura

nce policy, out-patient card of the deceased (if available on the hands), the passport of the deceased and the applicant's passport.

Based on these documents in the clinic will issue medical certificate of death or decide on the direction of the corpse at the morgue mortem examination of the place of residence.

If the body was sent for an autopsy autopsy, call a dedicated machine from service trupoperevozki (phone service should be aware of health workers) and after is brought to the morgue of the body to contact with the passports of the deceased and the applicant , to issue a medical certificate of death.

If a man died in the night, the body can be transported to the morgue immediately, then officers trupoperevozki take away with him the form confirming death and autopsy protocol.In return, they will give you a referral form to the clinic at which you receive outpatient card of the deceased, if it is not on hand.After receiving outpatient cards posthumous epicrisis necessary passports of the deceased and the applicant's appeal to the morgue for a medical certificate of death.

If the body is not transported to the morgue, morning contact the clinic with all necessary documents in the same way as in the case, if a person dies in the afternoon.

In that case, if the person did not die at home , you need to call a specialized car service trupoperevozki transport the body to the morgue at the place of death.The staff will be taken service trupoperevozki you form confirming death, autopsy protocol and the direction of the forensic autopsy.You still get the passport of the deceased and the applicant and issue the morgue medical certificate of death.

When you have on hand will be a medical certificate of death, should contact the registrar and get death certificate (Form 33) and official death certificate .After that, if necessary, you can arrange a car to transport the body to the morgue at the place of residence, if the original body was sent to the morgue at the place of death.Without the stamp of the death certificate transport of the body to another can not carry out the morgue.

Finally, the last thing you need to do - is to apply to ritual funeral service and place an order for the provision of funeral services and funeral .You can place your order in person, apply directly to the service desk, and you can place an order for an agent to call.The doctors and the police officer can offer you the services of their funeral agents, but you have every right to refuse.

What if a man died: special cases

What if the death occurred in a hospital, a public place, abroad or was violent? In these cases, there are features , you need to know.

If a person has died in a hospital , the body is usually sent to the morgue of the institution.Agency staff (nurse or doctor) informs close and tells where you can obtain a medical certificate of death.After this, in the registry office to get the stamp a death certificate and a form 33 and to apply to the ritual funeral service.The body can remain in the hospital mortuary until the burial, but you can arrange transportation to another mortuary.

When violent death body from the scene sent to forensic morgue.Upon the death will be checked, which resulted in, or will not be prosecuted.Check conducting the police or the prosecutor's office, they also give permission for the burial of the deceased.After receiving permission for burial and medical death certificates can be obtained from the registry office in the place of residence of the death certificate and stamp the certificate and to organize the funeral.

If a person has died in a public place , the body of the deceased will direct the scene to the forensic morgue.If you have lost a relative or loved one, you need to learn in the police bureau or accidents addresses forensic mortuaries and drive up there to identify the body, and then you will be given an opinion on the cause of death.

If the death occurred abroad , you must contact the nearest consulate of the country whose citizenship had died.There will register the death, help settle all the local authorities, as well as transport the body of the deceased to his homeland and follow the remaining formalities.The costs for this pay relatives of the deceased.

Died: what to do?