Singer Natalie told about his plastic surgery

After the birth of her first child performer of popular domestic hits Natalie experienced problems with the appearance, and after the second sorts decided to do breast augmentation surgery - in a recent interview, the singer spoke about all his plastic surgery, and said he did not see anything wrong.

«I have two sons, both of them, I always nursed, because of what she completely lost its former shape.And after the second pregnancy I decided: to do plastic, as it was in my case, the only way to "save" the chest, - explained Natalie.- Of course, each person has the right Display not talk about such things, but personally I take it fairly easily. "

then told the artist about the "beauty shots".At present Nathalie lips Botox, but in minimal quantities because lips look natural."I believe in all such cases the most important thing - to find" their "doctors, literacy specialist, and periodically go to it - says the singer - for example, I have a dentist, whom I have known for 15 years.Previously, I had ve

ry bad teeth and my smile today - the result of his professional work. "