BSoD - Blue Screen of Death Notice of a critical system error in the operating systems Microsoft Windows was popularly laconic title - «Blue Screen of Death» (BSoD), which means «blue screen of death» .

What is the blue screen of death?

for these versions of Windows blue screen of death appears in the event of a fatal error when the kernel or driver.As a result, the only possible action is for the system to reboot the computer without saving the data.

By default, the system settings are set automatically restart in the event of a critical error.Also, the operating system creates a system log entry describing the error that occurred.

Blue Screen of Death always contains an error, recommendations to resolve the problem, the technical parameters of the error required for its removal.The text of the error message and recommendations are always standard, but the technical information varies depending on the error that occurred.

The technical information (Technical Information) system indicates :

  • error code and symbolic name
  • options, explaining the error, intended for debugging software;
  • address of the error;
  • driver name in which the error occurred.

Why do I get the blue screen of death?

cause of the BSoD are often problems with drivers : their incompatibility, incorrect, failures.Less common cause of the BSoD become viruses .Also BSoD may be caused by malfunctioning devices (most often RAM or hard drive), the conflict, the conflict of applications or overheating of computer components and, as a consequence of the failures.

What to do if the blue screen of death appeared?

It has been said the default settings of the system should automatically reboot the system when there BSoD.In this case, the system will automatically restart as long as the error is corrected.However, to be able to write down the error code and determine the cause of its occurrence, you must disable this option.

To do this, go to "Control Panel".Next, go to the tabs: "System" - "Advanced" - "Startup and Recovery" - "Options".On the tab "System Failure" remove "tick" with the option "Automatically restart" and save the system.

When BSoD necessary , first of all, to record the error code - it is useful to fix the problem.Then restart the computer button «Reset» and as soon as the system starts to boot - press F8.In the resulting menu, select Last Known Good Configuration.

If you load last known good configuration system failed , you must restart the computer again and again by pressing F8, select "safe mode."If the system is booted in safe mode, then you can try to perform a system recovery.

If you restore the system failed , then the special code table stop error is necessary to find an error code and find out the cause.Once the cause of the error is resolved, you must try again to restore the system in safe mode.

If the problem is caused by the appearance BSoD, lies in the software rather than the hardware of the computer after a system restore or reinstall after , blue screen of death no longer appears.

To make sure that the hardware of the computer normally, it is necessary to test "iron» .To test the hard disk used utility MHDD, run from diskette under MS-DOS, to test memory - memtest86 +, also starts from a floppy disk.

Note that reinstalling the system will help solve the problem of short BSoD, but if the reason for his appearance has not been resolved, then there is a high probability that BSoD will soon appear again.

BSoD - Blue Screen of Death