Types of drives Optical Discs - the popular media.Most users are familiar only CD and DVD drives, in fact a lot more kinds of discs.Soviet country will tell you what types of discs are , and help you to understand their diversity.

Types CD drives

CD discs or CDs , were originally designed to record and play music, but is now used to store almost any computer information.Writing and reading data discs made with the help of a laser.The thickness of the CD - 1.2 mm diameter - 120 mm, capacity - 650 or 700 MB (corresponds to 74 or 80 minutes of sound).There mini CD 80 mm in diameter, but their capacity is less - 190-200 MB (21 minutes of sound).Mini CD can be read on any media other than radio.There curly CDs various shapes, they produce mainly for commercial purposes.These discs are not recommended for use in computer drives, because at high speed, they may burst.

CD discs are divided into CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW.This division is due to the ability to write data to disk and destination disk.The information on the
disk CD-ROM recorded by the manufacturer to change or remove it is impossible, you can only read data.On wheels CD-R (they are sometimes also called "blanks") may be written their information but to erase or modify it would be impossible.If the disk space is left, and during recording, you were allowed the option of adding the information, it will be possible to add files to the disk.Discs CD-RW support removal and recycling of the information, but such discs will not read all the drives.

CD-ROM drives can read any CDs, CD-RW drives read all kinds of CD and record a CD-R and CD-RW.

kinds of DVD discs

DVD discs to store large amounts of information than a CD, by using a laser with a shorter wavelength.The capacity of the DVD standard size (120 mm) can range from 4,7 GB to 17 GB, and the capacity of the mini DVD (80 mm) - 1,6 GB.

Depending on the capacity of DVD release these types of drives:
  • DVD-5 - sided single-layer disc, the capacity - 4,7 GB
  • DVD-9 - sided double-layer disc capacity - 8,5 GB
  • DVD-10 - sided single-layer disc, the capacity - 9,4 GB
  • DVD-14 - sided disc, double layer on one side and single-layered - the other, the capacity - 13,24 GB
  • DVD-18 - sided double-layer disc capacity - 17,1 GB
Double discs contain two information layers on one side, they are marked with the abbreviation DL.Double-sided disc - it's actually two discs bonded non-working surfaces.Naturally, the thickness of the disc is controlled to match the thickness of a conventional single-layer DVD.

possible, recording, rewriting and deleting data DVD discs, as well as CD, divided into ROM, R and RW.But further distinguish these types of drives:
  • DVD-R for general, DVD-R (G) - once recordable disc designed for home use.
  • DVD-R for authoring, DVD-R (A) - once recordable disc for professional purposes.
  • DVD-RW - rewritable disc.Overwrite or erase information, up to 1000 times.But you can not erase the information, you can only erase the disc completely and totally rewritten.
  • DVD-RAM use technology change phase.They can be rewritten up to 100,000 times the theoretical service life - up to 30 years.However, they are expensive, are produced mainly in special cartridges and drives, and are supported by most players.
  • DVD + RW based on the CD-RW technology, and overwriting of data is maintained up to 1000 times.This format was introduced later than the DVD-RW.
  • DVD + R - once recordable disc, similar to DVD-R.
It is clear that none of the drive or player does not fully support all DVD-size.Most of today's drives is maintained as the format DVD-R (W), and the format DVD + R (W).But the old drives and consumer players released before the format DVD + R (W), to be read only discs DVD-R (W).There are "supermulti" drives, which support all types of discs, including DVD-RAM.

Other drives

Stand out so-called Dual Discs .These disks are aligned formats CD and DVD.On one surface of the disc is recorded in a music CD format, and on the other - a five-channel audio, video, menu, subtitles, images and so forth. On DVD.

discs HD DVD (DVD high density) may have a capacity of up to 15 GB, and double-layer - up to 30 GB.Their main competitor - BD, Blu-ray Disc accommodate from 23 to 66 GB, depending on the number of layers.Announced a prototype of a four disc capacity of 100 GB, also plans to release desyatisloynyh drives up to 320 GB.

Opposition BD and HD DVD has been called "the fight of formats."But the leading film studio refused to use HD DVD in favor of BD disks, so the issue and support for the HD DVD format has officially discontinued.

So, there are many types of optical discs.Select the disk for recording information is based on its capacity, the possibility of rewriting information, and model of your drive or domestic player.Knowing the main types of discs, you'll never get stuck in their rich assortment.

Types of drives