How to recover data from a flash drive Sometimes we are faced with the fact that any important files on a flash drive longer available to us.This happens for various reasons, we could accidentally delete them, or to format the USB flash drive, to the media could get the virus.Make inaccessible data could surge, incorrect removal of the carrier from the port, mechanical damage. How to recover data from a flash drive?

First of all, do not panic. If you are accidentally deleted files - do not rush to format , to recover data from a flash drive will be much harder.If you are still formatted media, do not write any new files on top, it can also complicate recovery.

What if you did not do anything, but the files will still become available?In such cases, when you try to connect a removable drive or work with files and folders from the disk (to open them or copy) arise system error messages when reading the disc .If you go to the properties of removable disk, you will see that incorrectly determined by the disk capacity, the amount of free and u
sed space, as well as the file system.

To recover data from a flash drive, first try to restart the computer - worse than you really do, but it can help.If the flash drive still does not read, disconnect it (only the right, through the "Safely Remove Hardware"), and then connect again.If it did not help - follow Scan removable drives .To check the file system of the stick, you need to open "My Computer."Right-click on the icon flash drive (removable disk).This opens a context menu, it select "Properties."Dialog box appears, it is necessary to open the "Tools" tab and there click on the "Check Now ..." In the dialog box, select the check box "Automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors."Then click "Start" and wait for the end of the test.

If these simple methods do not help, it is necessary to use special software to recover data from a flash drive.These programs work on two basic principles.The first type of program collects information about the file system flash card and builds a hierarchy of files and folders.Programme of the second type are the headlines of files and their content, but do not restore the folder structure and file names.Selecting a program of one type or another depending on the situation.

Examples programs for recovering data from flash drives in Windows you can call the following programs.

Recovery Toolbox for Flash used to restore data in the flash media can work with memory cards and USB-drives.It only supports the file system FAT.The program is paid, but using the demo version, you can scan the disk and restore 5 files.

Free utility PC Inspector File Recovery recovers data in file systems FAT and NTFS, but NTFS is supported by much worse.You can recover files with the original time and date of their creation.

Another free program SuperCopy quite simple.It allows you to copy data from corrupted media, replacing the bad sectors sequence of zeros.This does not take up much time.

program Recuva restore files accidentally deleted by the user or due to software failure.It allows you to search for files by name or extension and works with different file types.

program Unstoppable Copier provides copying and moving files from corrupted media, trying to copy the maximum amount of data.It prevents damage to disk when copying.

Undelete Plus supports all file systems and can recover data from memory cards.This program is also free.

Also, you may need a program to recover data from the hard drive: many of them are able to work with other carriers, including a USB-stick.

Unfortunately, most of the programs for recovering data from carriers are shareware .This means that you can download a free trial version of the program, but its functionality will be considerably reduced (you can not recover more than a certain number of files, or the maximum size of the file being recovered will be limited).

To recover data from a flash drive in Linux , you can use the following utilities:
  • Foremost
  • Scalpel
  • The Sleuth Kit
  • Magicrescue
  • NtfsUnDelete
  • Photorec
  • RecoverJpeg
NtfsUnDelete and The Sleuth Kit used to recover data stored unformatted flash drive with the file system.NtfsUnDelete used for devices with the file system NTFS, The Sleuth Kit - for other file systems. Foremost for formatted media, or in the case of damage to the section.

When restoring data from a flash drive be sure to save them to another drive.Of course, self-restore files from the media should be very cautious, but in particularly urgent cases, it is possible to avoid recourse to experts and to successfully recover data from a flash drive.

How to recover data from a flash drive