Black Screen of Death Along with the infamous blue screen of death (BSoD) exists and its "twin brother» - black screen of death (KSoD - blacK Screen of Death).What is Black Screen of Death?What is his appearance and whether to deal with it?This was announced today in the Soviet Union.

Black Screen of Death is named by analogy with the well-known critical error in the Windows operating systems of the people get the name of "blue screen of death."Black Screen of Death - a problem which in 2009 faced (and still continue to face), many users of the system Windows 7 .After loading the operating system, which, by the way, takes place in the normal mode, the users instead of the usual desktop, taskbar "Start" menu see absolutely a blank black screen.

first "culprit" of the problem and considered himself Microsoft released a security update for their system, Windows 7. However, later it was found that the black screen of death cause, most likely, some of the features string of storage data in the registry system.Conducted its o

wn investigation into the company Prevx and found that the processing of the values ​​Shell REG_SZ with a string of null-terminated, and this problem occurs.

The fact is that if a virus or other malicious software will change the value of this registry string so that it does not include a null-terminated, then this value will not be loaded correctly, causing a black screen of death.

Black screen of death - is there a solution?

solution for the problem of the black screen of death proposed company Prevx - she created a utility Black Screen Fix, which in most cases helps to eliminate the black screen of death.If you - the owner of the Windows 7 operating system is to prevent potential problems, you can download this utility from the site of the company Prevx.The utility is free.

If the black screen of death is already familiar with your computer , there are several ways to resolve the issue.

First we need «call" black screen of death .To do this, restart the computer and log in.Your computer must be always connected to the Internet.

Start "Task Manager" using keyboard shortcuts.In the window you need to click on the "Applications".On this tab, click "New Task."

dialog box to an empty string, enter the command:

"C: \ Program Files \ Internet Explorer \ iexplore.exe" ""

HereExample as your browser select the Internet Explorer.If you use another browser, the team should specify the path to it.This command initiates the loading of the above utilities Black Screen Fix from the company website Prevx.To confirm the start of your download, click "OK".

In the next window you will be prompted to "Run" or "Save" this utility.Knop, press "Run".After the program is only to restart the computer.The black screen of death should no longer bother you.

Remember that win black screen of death is not always possible in this way .In cases where the computer is infected with malicious software is the "cure" may not help.

In this situation, you can try to fix problematic registry value manually .To this end, as well as in the previous method call "Task Manager" and create a new task - regedit.Opens you edit the registry.

In the editor, open the branch:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / WindowsNT / CurrentVersion / Winlogon

In the right pane of the program window, double-click on the key Shell.The value of this key should be «explorer.exe».If it is different you must remove the extra characters, leaving only explorer.exe.After you save the key value, you must restart the computer.

If the value explorer.exe specified, but a black screen will still appear, you must manually remove the key Shell, and then create a new key with the same name.To do this in the Registry Editor, select "New- & gt; String Value" and enter the Shell.After creating the key, enter the value «explorer.exe», confirm with "OK" and restart your computer.

Black Screen of Death - a troublesome problem.We hope these tips help you in solving it.

Black Screen of Death