The card does not work: what to do? video card - is one of the most important components of the modern computer.This video card is responsible for creating the image that the user while using the computer sees on his monitor.And if card for some reason fails, it leads to paralysis of the entire computer .

All graphics damage can be classified as software or hardware. Software failure - a failure in the video caused by the actions of any software, improper installation of drivers, etc.

detect and correct software faults video as follows. If errors occur when using any software, for example, complex three-dimensional game, you should delete the software and try to install it again.You can try to completely remove the installed graphics driver, then install the new ones.For example, new drivers can be found on the websites of manufacturers of graphics cards.You should also install the latest version of a set of interfaces DirectX.Sometimes it bugs in older versions of drivers and cause problems with the video card.

If our remedies do not help, you can try to reinstall the operating system.This after installing the OS must first install the drivers of the motherboard, and then - the video card driver, in the last instance - a set of interfaces DirectX.Then you need to install the application which caused malfunctions video and start it again.If failures do not occur - the problem is solved.

If the above steps do not resolve the problem, then, most likely, the video card is a hardware failure in nature. Hardware failure include technical malfunctions video "inflated" capacitors, the failure of the cooler, faulty contacts, and more.

How do I know that the graphics card is broken? As a rule, "symptoms" of failure graphics look like:

  • no signal to a computer monitor;
  • were horizontal or vertical distortion on the monitor;
  • when you install the graphics card driver system displays the user a "blue screen of death."

The problems with the video card signals a special speaker (loud speaker) BIOS. Depending on the version of the BIOS, the signals may be different.For example, AWARD BIOS outputs 1 long and 2 short beeps if there is an error or a video monitor connection. AMI BIOS video outputs on error 8 short beeps.

PHOENIX BIOS notifies a problem with the video card beeps 3-3-4 scheme: three beeps, pause, three beeps, pause, four signals.In this case, the system can not detect a graphics card.Error in video card PHOENIX BIOS also show signals 3-4-1 and 3-4-2.

Decision hardware problems with faulty graphics card may be its replacement with a known good, reinstall the graphics card to a different slot. is also necessary to make sure that the video card is not overheating problem that it supplied the necessary voltage.Will it find special tools, such as Everest, RivaTuner.

These utilities allow you to constantly monitor the status of the video card (and not only) to obtain information about the current temperature of the adapter voltage.If these options are beyond the norm - is cause for concern.

Use such tools can be only when the computer is turned on and the signal is fed to the monitor (albeit distorted).In other cases, manually check all the necessary parameters .

voltage can be measured by a special device - a voltmeter or multimeter.Temperature measured using the temperature sensor.Experienced users define the touch overheating graphics card too hot or too quickly heats the surface often shows problems.

happens that the problems are not to blame for the card itself, and some of its "neighbors". For problems with the video card may be caused by a faulty power supply, motherboard.For more information on how to detect and solve similar problems - in the following materials Countries advice.

The card does not work: what to do?