How to remove unnecessary programs from startup? Some programs after installing strive to run with the system.This may be inconvenient: extra icons in the system tray near the clock annoying, and some of the "pull the blanket", consuming resources.Today, the country of the Soviets tell, how to remove unnecessary programs from startup .

If standing on the startup programs you do not interfere, you can leave it as is. However, you may need to remove from the startup of the program in the following cases :

  1. operating system is loaded too slow due to the large number of programs that run at startup.

  2. Computer "brake" at work because the running program "eat" the memory required for the normal functioning of the really relevant applications.

There are two ways to remove unwanted programs from startup - standard (for normal users) and "advanced".To remove the program from startup simple way, click on the "Start" menu and select "Run."In the Open dialog box, write msconfig , then press OK.A window with multiple tabs, you have to select the tab "Start


This tab is a list of programs that start automatically at system startup.In the first column ( «Startup Items» ) is a list of programs that start or when you start Windows.Those programs that start automatically will be marked with ticks.

sometimes by name in the first column is quite difficult to understand exactly what the program is meant.If you have any doubts about a particular application - pay attention to the column «Team» .It established the path of the executable file that will help you identify the folder and, consequently, the name of a program.If the path is not completely visible, you will need to pull the separator between the columns "Location" and "Team" right using your mouse.

To remove unneeded programs from startup, just uncheck front of their names.Unnecessary programs are those that are not needed constantly, and periodically run using the shortcut.Those programs you use often, and do not require a large amount of resources, you can leave at startup. Strongly recommend removing from startup antivirus and firewall!

removing the tick unnecessary programs, then click "Apply" and then - OK.This will bring up a dialog box - the system will warn you that all changes will take effect only after you restart the computer .You can restart the computer right away by clicking "Reset", or not to reboot - then click "Exit without rebooting".

If you accidentally removed from startup those programs do not, you can return to again startup configuration and set the desired show.

You can also remove unwanted programs from startup by editing the registry. Warning: if you do not know what the registry, or know of, but are not sure that you can do everything right, do not use this method!

To gain access to edit the registry, call the dialog "Run" (in the same way as in the first method), but instead msconfig, enter the command regedit .After running this command will open the program with something similar to the conductor Windows.On the left side you will see a registry tree, showing its structure, and the right - the keys that are contained in the active (selected by you) registry.

startup information contained in the two branches of the registry :

  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run] - information about the startup programs for all users of the system
  • [HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion\ Run] - information about the startup programs for the current user of the system

To remove unnecessary program from startup, delete the corresponding key (right-click on the key - select the menu item "Delete").

also remove unnecessary programs from the startup is possible by means of special third-party utilities .As you can see, remove unnecessary programs from the startup is quite easy if you know how.And now you know!

How to remove unnecessary programs from startup?