Not enough memory. users often face the problem of lack of memory does not want to run a program or an important inhibits favorite computer games. What if your computer does not have enough memory?

most common reason for a lack of memory - excessive amount of programs that start simultaneously with the start of .They will absolutely not necessary, but such programs are quietly "hang" in the background, taking part of the memory needed to other applications.To release the memory, you need to remove all the unnecessary startup of the application.

If this does not work, then your computer does not have enough memory for other reasons.First you need to decide what kind of memory you are missing - physical or virtual .Physical storage - a random access memory (RAM), a chipset, which is inserted into a special socket on the motherboard.Virtual memory - a swap file, it unloaded the program, which is not enough RAM.

If you think that your computer does not have enough virtual memory, you need to check file size and the need

to increase its .To do this, click the Start button and select Control Panel.In Control Panel, click System, and in it - Advanced section (Advanced system settings for Windows 7).Further, in the Performance section, choose - Preferences - Advanced - Virtual Memory.In the window that opens, you have to manually set the desired file size and the hard disk partition on which it will be located.Acceptable file size - 2-3 times the size of physical memory.After making the changes will need to restart your computer to take effect.

If you do not have enough physical memory, you have two options: either it did not have enough, or whether it is sufficient, but the computer it does not "see."To find out, how much RAM is installed on your computer , right-click on the My Computer icon on the desktop and then click Properties.The properties will be registered RAM size.

If the box marked Installed memory (RAM) is the number of 3.25 GB, but you know exactly what it more - you are likely running a 32-bit system instead of 64-bit.32-bit system simply does not "see" memory, the amount of which exceeds the 3.25 GB.Therefore if you are 4 or more gigabytes of RAM, you need to install the 64-bit OS .The problem is that such a system is weak hardware will not work properly.Therefore, if your computer does not have enough memory, do not rush to install it extra strap and check first, if your processor will pull a 64-bit system.

If the physical memory is less than 3.25 GB, or the computer configuration allows you to put more than 4GB of RAM and install the 64-bit system, you can simply buy and install the computer RAM additional bar .

There are three main types of modern memory , designed for desktop PCs.The oldest form of - DDR (sometimes you can meet the designation DDR1).It is installed on older motherboards, and is worth more than the more modern types because of its rarity.The most common form of RAM - DDR2, it is installed on most modern computers.This type of memory is the most affordable because of its prevalence.The newest and fastest type of memory - DDR3, it is compatible with the new motherboards.However, DDR3 memory has not spread in the market.

Type DDR can be set by the marking on the chip, according to the description of the motherboard (it must be specified the type of memory supported), or using special tools that define the hardware configuration.After that you will only have to purchase the required amount of RAM required type, set the bar in the scope of the motherboard and for a long time to forget about the fact that the computer does not have enough memory.

Not enough memory.