Salad with zucchini in Korean for the winter

Harvesting the young zucchini in winter is not difficult - they can do anything, from simple marinating completely and completing the most fanciful salads in combination with other vegetables.

However, the period during which the zucchini are small, very small, as they ripen quickly.In connection with this urgent problem for many owners of suburban areas is a question as old pickle zucchini, which have thick enough skin and soft core.An excellent way out in this situation is the preparation of a variety of salads, where all the components are cut finely enough.

zucchini salad recipe

In order to make this preparation, we will need: 3 kg zucchini, a few pieces of bell pepper and a couple of chili peppers (if you do not like too spicy, it is better to take green), one head of garlic, a liter of tomato, andand a glass of vegetable oil, sugar and vinegar.To start all my vegetables and clean, and zucchini cut into large cubes.

Next pepper and garlic must be crushed by a grinder or blender to puree pecu

liar happened.The resulting mass shift the pan and pour in the tomato juice.Now you just add the vegetable oil, sugar and salt and all that.We bring mixture to a boil and cook for 30 minutes, then pour to the same zucchini.

Waiting for another 10 minutes and just before turning off to add the cup of vinegar.All our salad of zucchini ready for winter, can only expand it in sterilized jars and sealed.

salad zucchini Korean

Now zucchini salad recipe in Korean, especially for those who loves a variety of spicy dishes, to which is added a lot of vinegar and spices.To make this salad, we need 4 kg zucchini, a little less than one kilogram of carrots and as many onions, a few pieces of bell peppers, 5 heads of garlic, a cup of sugar and half a cup of vegetable oil and vinegar.

Salad with zucchini in Korean for the winter

All this amount of vegetables we use up 2.5 tablespoons of salt and seasoning the full package for Korean carrot.Previously all my vegetables and clean seeds from squash is also necessary to remove the peel completely.Now we need a grater for Korean carrot, if not, you can use an ordinary large.The main thing is to keep the vegetables while substantially parallel to the cutting surface, while straw will turn out long enough.We rub our zucchini and carrot, and is put aside.

Onions and peppers recommended cut into strips thin enough so that it is approximately the same or slightly more thickness resulting from zucchini.Now we just have to mix together all the vegetables and add them to the unused ingredients.It is worth noting that for this recipe garlic is not recommended to pass through a special press, it is better to simply chop.

As you can see, no cooking or something like that in this recipe salad squash in the winter does not apply.All vegetables stacked in banks simply chopped and seasoned with a marinade of oil, vinegar and spices.Therefore, at the final stage, we will need to sterilize a salad.To do this, the banks put him into the water, bring to a boil, wait half an hour and begin to roll.

Author: Katerina Sergeenko