Differences between versions of Windows 7 Windows 7 operating system is becoming more popular among users.But the OS has been released in several versions, and many users do not know which version to prefer. What are the main differences between versions of Windows 7?

Windows 7 was released in six versions (versions) .Of course, unlike the first version of Windows 7, which is immediately evident to the user - this is the price.But the price difference is due to different functionality.Let's take a closer look at each version of the operating system, and then focus on the differences between the versions of Windows 7.

versions of Windows 7 Description

Windows 7 Starter (Starting) .This version comes only with the new computers.The initial edition of the most "cut", for example, it lacks a functional part to play media files with codecs AAC, H.264 and MPEG-2.

Windows 7 Home Basic (Home Basic) .This version of the OS is intended for sale in emerging markets (including the CIS).This version is available only to the basic theme of interface

Windows Aero, a number of available features such as Shake, Peek, share your Internet connection, the preview in the taskbar, and so on. Restrictions of reproduction in this version are the same as in the Primary.

Windows 7 Home Premium (Home Extended) .This version includes all the features of Home Basic, and also supports Multitouch, equipped with a Windows Media Center and additional game programs.Also in this version is available the possibility of improved handwriting recognition.

Windows 7 Professional (Professional) .This version differs from Home Premium ability to use remote desktop as the host computer.It is equipped with an encryption EFS.It contains a number of additional processes and AppLocker.Professional version you can roll back to Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Windows 7 Enterprise (Enterprise) .This version is intended primarily for IT-professionals, to enable them to familiarize themselves with the operating system within the organization.This edition covers only the corporate license and has a 90-day period of free use for reference.

Windows 7 Ultimate (maximum) .As the name implies, this version includes all available features of the operating system Windows 7.

Differences between versions of Windows 7

What are the main differences versions of Windows 7 in addition to those already described in the summary of product characteristics of each edition?Let's start with the differences Windows 7 Starter from a more "advanced" version of the operating system .This edition has no 64-bit version, there is no support for the interface Windows Aero, the ability to quickly switch between users, desktop manager, Mobility Center, Windows, the ability to change the desktop wallpaper.

All of these features are already present in the version of Home Basic, which, however, lacks a number of other functions. Differences versions of Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic editions of the OS from the rest of the following : the inability to create a homegroup (can only join), the lack of multi-monitor support, the lack of features Multitouch and improved handwriting recognition, absence of Windows Media Center, additional games, opportunities to speakas host Remote Desktop, supporting multiple physical processors.These features are present in the following editions of Windows 7.

also Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium are not emulator Windows XP, the system encryption EFS, printing capabilities, taking into account information about the location, you can connect to a domain Windows NT.With these versions, you can not roll back to Windows XP or Vista.A multi-language user environment supports only Enterprise and Ultimate versions.

Differences versions of Windows 7 is still in the end of the term support and the maximum amount of RAM for 64-bit versions.Support for all versions, except for professional and corporate ends January 13, 2015;Professional and Enterprise versions are supported for 5 years longer.With regard RAM , home edition supports up to 2 GB Home Basic - up to 8 GB Home Premium - up to 16 GB, and the Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate - 192 GB (all figures are for 64-bit versions, ie.K. The 32-bit version of any operating system supports no more than 3.25 GB of RAM).

Here is a brief and all the major differences versions Windows 7. Choice version depends on the configuration of your computer, you require a minimum of a functional and, of course, the amount of money you are willing to pay for the operating system.

Differences between versions of Windows 7