Beeps BIOS Beeps BIOS can "tell" the experienced user fault of his personal computer.But these signals need to be able to properly decipher.Land of the Soviets will talk about values ​​beeps major versions BIOS.

BIOS, among other things responsible for the initial testing of computer components (POST).Test results reported by the BIOS beep , reproduced thanks to the integrated speaker.BIOS beep codes vary in duration.By the combination of these signals to determine fault.

Beeps BIOS vary among brands BIOS.The most common version of the BIOS - it AMI BIOS, AWARD BIOS and Phoenix BIOS .To determine what your BIOS, you should enter the BIOS Setup: the brand name will be written at the top of the screen.In addition, the mark is written on the chip BIOS, which is located on the motherboard.

Beeps Phoenix BIOS

signal Explanation
1-1-3 problem reading or writing data to / from memory CMOS
1-1-4 Error checksum contents BIOS
1-2-1, 1-2-2, 1-2-3, 1-4-1, 1-4-3 problems with the motherboard
1-3-1, 1-3-3, 1-3-4, 1-4-2, 4-3-1 problems initializing memory
1-4-4 problem readingor write data to / from the I / O port
2-1-1 - 2-1-4, 2-2-1 - 2-2-4, 2-3-1 - 2-3-4,2-4-1 - 2-4-4 fault the first 64K of RAM
3-1-1, 3-1-2, 3-1-4 failed to initialize DMA-controller
3-2-4, 4-2-3 problem with keyboard controller initialization
3-3-4, 3-4-1, 3-4-2 problem with initializing the video card / monitor to appeal
4-2-1 problem with the initialization of the system timer
4-2-2 Completion Test
4-2-4 Fatal Error CPU transition to protected mode
4-3-2, 4-3-3 problems initializing the first and second timers
4-4-1, 4-4-2 problems initializing serial or parallel port
4-4-3 Problems with math coprocessor initialization
Uninterrupted long beep Faulty motherboard
Sirena, passing from high to low frequencies Faulty video
continuous signal fault cooler centralCPU


signal Explanation
Beep computer is fully functional, no errors
no signal Malfunction CPU
1 long beep, 2/3/8 short problems with the video card or monitor connected
one long beep, one short faulty power supply
2 short beeps Problems with memory ordo not turn off the printer or scanner
3 short beeps Problems with RAM
4 short beeps Problems with the system timer
5 beeps Malfunction CPU
6 beeps Problems with keyboard controller initialization
7 beeps defective motherboard
8 beeps problem with the video card memory
9 beeps Invalid checksum BIOS
10 beeps trouble writing in CMOS
11 beeps problems cache motherboard


signal Explanation
1short signal Loading succeeds
one short beep, one long problems with RAM
2 short beeps Minor problems CMOS
Repeated short signal or continuous signal defective power supply
1 long beep, 2 short defective card
1 long beep, 3 short keyboard controller initialization problem or a problem with the video card
1 long beep, 9 short trouble reading fromROM
3 long beeps keyboard controller initialization problem
Repeating long beep faulty memory
are repeated high and low frequency faulty CPU

If you know the BIOS beep codesthe correct version, you can always identify the problem and repair your computer , repair or replace the appropriate part.

Beeps BIOS