How to change the encoding? Imagine you run a program on your computer.You know exactly what it should be in Russian, but instead of the usual letters which displayed the "gibberish."This means that you are having problems with the encoding. Soviet country will tell you how to change the encoding .

character encoding problems can be observed in the different versions of the operating system Windows. principle solve the wrong encoding the same for different versions of the operating system, but in different versions may be slightly different titles of windows and tabbed interface.

First we tell, how to change the encoding of an element through the Regional and Language Options in the Control Panel .To open the window to change the language, you can use two basic ways.The first - click on the Start button, select right-click menu, click Control Panel, and in it - Regional and Language Options.Second - click on the Start button, right-click menu to select Run, in the Open box, type the command intl.cpl, and press Enter.

opens a window to change the language .To change the character encoding, you need to select the Location tab, Russia (in Windows 7, the tab may be called a Location).Then click the Advanced tab and select the Russian language as the language used in programs that do not support Unicode.Save your changes by clicking on OK.

also encoding problems can be solved by editing the registry, if the previous method did not.But just want to warn - inept editing the registry can cause problems with your computer .If you edit that something is not right, you may even have to reinstall the operating system.So if you are not sure about the result - see a specialist.

change the encoding in Windows through the registry in two ways.The first way - the change encoding through the Registry Editor .To do this you need to click on the Start button in the right-click menu select Run, in the Open box, type regedit, and press Enter.The left side of the window that opens, you will see a tree showing the structure of the registry.

Select it branch called HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and then click on the arrow next to it - a branch unfold.In the list, select the branch SYSTEM, it - CurrentControlSet, further sequentially - Control, Nls, CodePage.In the right pane, locate the parameter list in 1252, click on the right-click and from the context menu, select Edit.In the Value data box, type c_1252.nls option and click OK.You can leave the Registry Editor - you just changed the settings of the code page Windows. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect .

can do the same, but automatically .To do this, start Notepad text editor (it usually comes with the operating system Windows) and copy the following code:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Nls \ CodePage] "1252" = "c_1251.nls "

then on the File menu, select Save As ... (or Save), and save the file to a folder with any name.The main thing - while maintaining assign it an extension .reg.Then run the registry file you created and the question of answer Yes.Then you need to restart your computer - encoding problems should disappear.

How to change the encoding?