Where to look for work during the crisis? issue of employment in difficult times of the crisis faced by many is quite acute.Some sigh of relief - their "cup" cuts and layoffs passed, others joined in the difficult and troublesome process - job search.Find a job, even during the crisis is possible if careful and deliberate approach to this issue.

Where to look for a job? traditional way - ads in specialized publications or heading job search in the weekly newspaper.These ads are convenient, since information on vacancies is updated regularly.However, the size of the ad in the paper is very limited and it is almost impossible to assess the veracity of information.If your ad contains an incredibly high wages, and minimal requirements for applicants - it is an occasion to reflect.Remember that free cheese - only in a mousetrap!

specialized Internet resources (job.ukr.net, work.ua, jobs.ua, netbee.ua, etc.) to find work provides much more opportunities than a traditional newspaper ad.Firstly, for information about the company, the employer,

the requirements for applicants and the proposed work on the internet page more space.And secondly, it is very often the employer company reserves not only the telephone number but also the address of its own web site, where you can explore further the company's offer.

Find a job on the recommendation of someone from friends or relatives may few lucky owners of these "connections".This method is convenient in that you make the most informed in detail about the company where you want to get, and your potential leadership is interested in your candidacy because of positive recommendations.However, getting a job, "an acquaintance" very carefully think over your behavior.After all, you can substitute the person who recommended you.

Many scrolling through a newspaper advertisement or by visiting a couple of online resources, it is believed that they have made every effort to find work.However, it is not so.For example, often hold special job fairs , which employers in the city (district, region) represent their existing job.Attend these fairs, if only to explore the labor market in your city.You can record the contact details of companies that you are interested in, and even if a suitable offer for you at the moment, it is quite possible that in a short time such a proposal will be.

Recently unpopular employment through labor exchanges .State Employment Service can not always offer job applicants with high wages.But neglect this method of job search is not necessary.The public employment service often turn large public and private enterprises, which consider a method of finding employees more effective.You do not have to "become the stock exchange," you can simply use the database of vacancies employment center in your city.

Finding work You can also contact a special employment agency .Again, representatives of large "serious" companies prefer to handle it in the agency to find staff.Typically, employment agencies take on finding the right job and you for it with you charged a fee.Carefully read the contract that you enter into a similar agency.It is possible that you will be given a list of phone numbers from a database the agency will have to do the rest yourself.Unscrupulous agencies can give you outdated information on vacancies, which has long since closed.

write a resume.Without prior resume competition already does not do almost no one company.Summary, which highlights your achievements favorably, professional experience and knowledge will help you select from dozens of other applicants.Summary written in a free form or in the form adopted in a particular company (usually a sample is attached to the proposal of the work).Traditionally, the summary indicates data such as your education, work experience with an indication of the position and the duties performed, additional education, personal characteristics and contact information.Resumes can be placed on the website to find work, you can send it to companies that may be interested in your candidacy.

in search of work optimism and a desire to get a good result - is the key to your success.The main thing - do not be afraid and remember that all your problems are temporary, and you are sure to find a good job!

Where to look for work during the crisis?