Soundproofing an apartment with his hands comfort in her apartment - the dream of every person.But of no comfort, and can be no question, when neighbors had a party on top with loud music and dancing, and the neighbors started a repair and below in the morning until the evening banging a hammer or drill a hole puncher.This street now and then heard the roar of a passing vehicle, drunken hubbub, "song" March cats ...

Meanwhile, the human need for silence, not only psychologically, but also physiologically justified because when noise above 40 decibels mancan not rest, and noise exceeding 85 decibels is dangerous for health.How to be?The only correct way - insulation apartments !

Noise - is speaking in short, wall, ceiling and floor apartment sound-absorbing materials .In addition, integrated soundproofing necessary to windows and doors are also absorbed most noise.The highest level of sound insulation can be achieved if take care of it at the stage of construction of the building.After absorption level of noise depends on the type and thick

ness of the material from which the walls of the building and the inner slab.

The thicker the wall, the more noise it absorbs.But effective insulation panel in typical homes, for example, to the existing wall thickness would need to add half a meter of concrete.Therefore, using special sound insulation walls and sound-absorbing substrate materials.

type soundproofing apartments depends on the type of noise, from which you want to "get rid".All the noise penetrating into the apartment, can be divided into two types: percussion and airy. Impact noise give sounds falling objects, move furniture, stamping of feet from the neighbors above.Therefore, if the neighbors do not take care of the sound insulation of your gender, we have to improve its sound insulation ceiling.For these purposes, you can use the ceilings of special plasterboard ceilings with high sound absorbing coefficient.

other noises - air - are the voices of people included electrical household appliances, ietransmitted directly through the vibrations in the air.Sources of air noise in the apartment - it was too thin walls, uneven joints between the panels, through-holes for electrical outlets, etc.

noise insulation of walls stage repair can be done with sound-absorbing mineral wool, wood-based panels or special panels.The principle of sound-absorbing structures is alternating rigid layers of drywall, gipsovolokna or bricks and layers of soft absorber.Each layer reflects a part of the sound waves, each following - remaining.The more layers - the higher the efficiency of the sound absorbing structure.

improve the sound insulation of apartment can also be due to more robust sealing joints between the walls and the floor, walls and ceiling, joints between the panels.For this purpose, fit a normal silicone sealant.You should also pay attention to the risers water and heating.If there is a gap between the pipe wall and then through the gap also penetrate sounds.Therefore, all the holes and cracks around pipes should also be carefully repaired with sealant.

in prefabricated houses concrete slabs often have through-holes, specifically for electrical outlets.In such cases, the outlet becomes an excellent conductor of noise between the neighboring apartments.Alternatively, the outlet may be transferred, and the opening to cover and seal the solution.But this work requires certain skills of working with electricity, so it is better to entrust it to professionals.Soundproofed sockets can also be due to special pads made of asbestos fiber or mineral wool.

from extraneous noise from the street entrance or apartment must reliably protect windows and doors .But the design of the old wooden windows, firstly, can not cope with the level of noise that creates a busy street, and, secondly, the gaps between the window opening in the wall and the window frame in Soviet-built homes are simply enormous.The best way out - installation of special soundproof double-glazed windows .Technology triple glazing used in such glass units, to minimize noise penetration into the apartment.The gap between the glazing and the wall is sealed thoroughly.

situation is with the door as well. The thicker and heavier the door - the less noise it flows into the apartment.Additionally doorway is sealed with special rubber gaskets (around the perimeter), be sure to do the threshold, the space between the door frame and the opening is sealed with cement solution.The very door should fit snugly inside the box.

When the apartment is provided with an adequate level of sound insulation, then life becomes more enjoyable: noisy neighbors and alarm in the yard - no longer a problem!