April 1, 2011 - April Fool April 1, 2011 in many countries, there is April Fool's Day, also known as April Fools' Day.On this day people make fun of others - but do not forget that others may be in response to play a trick on you!When did this cheerful holiday?

first mention of April fools pranks and jokes refer to the Middle Ages.According to one version, the holiday on April 1 appeared in France in the XVI century.Then the New Year was celebrated not January 1 as now, but on March 25 and the celebration lasted a whole week, until April 1.In 1564, King Charles IX of France Russilonskim edict moved New Year celebration on January 1st.But some residents continued to celebrate New Year in the spring, so the first of April, they became the subject of jokes and pranks.

This is just one of the versions of the origin of this fun-filled holiday.Whatever it was, is now celebrated April 1 in Russia and the CIS countries, France, Italy, Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand a

nd South Africa. Each country has its own characteristics celebration .For example, in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, you can make fun of friends just before lunch, and the one who tries to make a draw after 12 days, referred to as the April fool (April Fool).And the holiday in the English-speaking world is known as April Fools Day or All Fools' Day.

April 1, 2011, be prepared for the fact that you can play not only your friends and acquaintances, but also the media workers.Many newspapers, radio stations, television channels and websites not miss the opportunity to play his audience in April Fool's Day.Therefore, in many countries, April Fools jokes in the media are regulated by law: its effect can be too ambitious.

So, April 1, 1993 Dave Rickards, DJ station KGB-FM in San Diego, told the audience that the space shuttle "Discovery", instead of the air base, "Edwards" will land in a small municipal airport Montgomery Field.Thousands of people headed to the airport to witness the landing of the space shuttle.But the news was drawing: at the time did not even have a shuttle in orbit.

from the radio and television stations are not far behind.One of the most famous April Fools jokes of television - it ¬ęspaghetti tree¬Ľ .April 1, 1957 in the BBC television program "Panorama" was shown three-minute video on the extraordinarily rich harvest of spaghetti in Switzerland.After the transfer of the phone channel was torn from hundreds of calls from people who wanted to learn how to grow a tree spaghetti at home.

With the advent of Internet people play the first of April it's even easier, because the online audience has even millions - billions of users.And April Fool's joke "dabble" even large reputable sites of organizations such as NASA. April 1, 2005 on the official website of NASA published sensational news: Mars have found water.The user is prompted to see images of water on Mars.The pictures showed a really water on Mars - a glass of water standing on the chocolate bars "Mars".

Such large-scale rallies have only one drawback: often people say April Fool's major news .During the rally took an earthquake in the Aleutian Islands, April 1, 1946, the death of King George II of Greece April 1, 1947, and Iran's national holiday, Republic Day, which is celebrated on April 1 since 1979, is still often mistaken for a joke.

Do not forget to play the 1 April 2011 of their friends and acquaintances!If you do not know how to do it - you can take advantage of our ideas: Land of the Soviets prepared for you a few funny jokes. happy laughter you!

April 1, 2011 - April Fool