Congratulations on the Valentine not enough to give your loved one a Valentine in Valentine's Day - and it still needs to sign.Country Councils will help you with this - we suggest you congratulations Valentine poems .

Congratulations Valentine's Day poems - this is quite an old tradition.In England, the home of Valentine holiday, it was customary to write postcards Heart cute quatrain for the holiday ."Your cheeks - like red roses, your eyes - like blue violets, and you yourself - sweet as sugar ..." Romance, and more!

Over time, Valentine was the production put on stream, and now they have printed greetings ready to Valentine's Day poems, invented by anonymous poets and already well folklore.But such a "massive" congratulations - bad form.Loved one'll want to get the congratulations, written by your hand.

It is clear that not everyone can write poetry - many can only rhyme love with blood and roses - with frost.They and we offer congratulations on Valentine's Day in verse.Suppose you come up with congratulations not for yourself

- but you are probably thinking of a loved one, choosing finished poem !

Congratulations Valentine's Day poems

fate thanks,
that many years ago,
As a clear dawn,
gave your opinion!Let
cold outside,
But if you are close,
Any warming house,
flowers bloom in the snow.

Congratulations on the Valentine
My dear, sweet, darling,
My best and favorite!
My sweet, so dear
And life is so necessary!
Let me tell you what I
Warm your soul is warmed,
and sprockets love, grief,
Life illuminates marvelous light!

Congratulations on the Valentine
Happy Valentine,
rapture lit
sense of beauty,
most omnipotent.
God give you not to leave,
enjoy eternal happiness!

Congratulations on the Day of lovers in verse
in personal, intimate
occupies the lion's share ...
Happy Valentine
I congratulate your favorite!

Congratulations on the Valentine
old legend alive,
And I believe that is undeniable.
This tale we need,
to once a year, on Valentine's Day
Frankly you could love:
You are no better on the ground.

Congratulations on February 14 verses
Happy Valentine congratulate you,
and I want in the way of your Hi
not find the end or edge
for happy and joyful days.
To love boat did not know
Hi storms or breakdowns or storms,
and hope the wheel-yppavlyala
Ship your life seriously.

Congratulations on the Valentine
I congratulate you, my beloved,
venerable Happy Valentine.
He gave hope in love,
joined a secret marriage.
and died for lovers.For us.His feat
we honor today.

Congratulations on the Valentine
welcome my favorite,
Happy Valentine I
congratulate you, and you most dear to me,
favorite not, never will be.
Valentine honors Earth,
Planet of love gone mad,
And I'm going, wanting only to you.
My love, save me soon!

Congratulations on the Day of lovers in verse
this day it's freezing,
But heat reliably me with you,
give you a huge bouquet of roses,
I'll have to be with me.
And let the street winter,
You for me staying in the spring,
die of envy today Valentin,
fact on the ground so happy I have one!

Congratulations on February 14 verses
Valentine's Day
can not hold back the avalanche
me feeling defeated,
discovers the secret gateway,
My love seeks,
Passion foams and rushes
to the best in the world!
delicious!To you!

Happy Holidays!Love and be loved!

Congratulations on the Valentine