Happy New Year favorite very important to congratulate the New Year a loved one.But how to choose the right words?How to express their feelings in them?Country Councils offers Happy New Year favorite , which can be used as a sample.

Happy New Year favorite

How Happy New Year beloved ?What to write in the card?Perhaps, if you look at our Happy New Year favorite, you will have a few ideas.

Outside it is snowing.From the sky flying fluffy snowflakes.They are very beautiful, but you have me even more beautiful!When snowflakes fall on your lips, love, imagine that I kiss you.From your warm breath snowflakes melt;I just melt in your arms.I love you, my sun!Happy New Year!

Outside the snow and cold, but I know that you always get warm me with your love and warmth even in the most severe frosts.Another New Year we meet together, and I wish you to our love you warmed up not only in the New Year's Eve, and the time - for many, many years.I love you!Congratulations, darling!

If you do not just meet, but already married, you will

approach the Happy New Year beloved wife .Show her that years of marriage did not dampen your feelings for her!

My dear and beloved wife!I want to wish you a Happy New Year.Next year I solemnly promise to come home just in time to give you flowers and gifts not only on holidays, and for no reason, and rejoice when we come to visit your friends.I love you very much and I want us to meet with more than one New Year.Happy New Year, my dear!

I was very lucky with his companion of life, because my wife - the most beautiful, the most tender, the most tender and the most caring in the world.My dear and beloved wife!I congratulate you on the New Year and wish you, that next year you will always feel very happy - and I will do everything that depends on me.Happy New Year!

Happy New Year favorite

New Year - an excellent opportunity to tell loved the fact that in everyday life we ​​do not dare to say.Take advantage of it and admit to the man , he dear to you - and congratulations on New Year favorite help you with this!

My love!When you came into my life, there was one person close to the family and more.Your appearance made my life will sparkle with bright colors.When we're together, I'm happy;every minute with you fills brings me indescribable joy and pleasure.I am grateful to my fate for the fact that it has helped me to meet a real man - my man.Let each new day of the coming year will be even better for us than the previous one.I love you so much!Happy New Year!

My darling, my beloved!You are dear to me as the roads are not any more one person in the world.I really appreciate your tenderness, love and support.Thank you for what you are always there and comes to help in any situation.May the New Year bring us more love, happiness and tenderness.My favorite, Happy New Year!

Who says Happy New Year beloved wife can not be soft and romantic?No matter how much you are married - a year or ten years, your feelings are important to each other.

What a woman needs to feel happy?Diamonds?No!Mink coat?No!She needs a loving husband who will fill with happiness every day and every moment of its existence.I am very glad that I have you - you give me happiness.In the New Year I wish you never lose optimism, achieve your goals, less sad and more joyful.And remember - you've got a loving wife, who is ready to support you in all your endeavors.Happy New Year!

my beloved husband!You - my support and protection.I know that I can rely on you completely in every situation - you're always going to help, to comfort and protection.For you, I - like a stone wall.Thank you for what you are nearby.Let the New Year, our love grows stronger every day, and a joint life brings only positive emotions.Happy New Year, darling!

Happy New Year favorite