Advent in 2011 Forty days before Merry Christmas Advent begins, the last position in a multi-day year.It is a time of spiritual preparation for the holiday, and restrictions on food - only one aspect of it.How should I spend Advent in 2011 ?

This post has other names: Forty (because it lasts forty days), Filippov post Filippovka .Advent in 2011 (as well as in any other) begins November 28 and ends on January 6, the eve of Christmas.Eve of Lent (Shrovetide) falls on November 27, feast day of St. Philip the Apostle, hence the name of one of the post - Filippov post.

As already mentioned, restrictions on food - is only one aspect of preparation for Christmas .True fasting is curbing anger, deliverance from evil intentions.We need to follow his speech, to refrain from lies and slander - preferably, of course, not only during Lent, but the rest of the time.The purpose of fasting - to subdue and to facilitate the body to curb the passions and desires.

in Advent not eat meat, eggs and dairy products .The remaining restrictions vary depending on the day of the week.Conventionally, the post can be divided into three periods. From November 28 to December 19 inclusive most strict fasting days - Wednesday and Friday.These days you can eat only uncooked food (so-called xerophagy).Usually served on the table bread, salt, raw fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, honey.You can drink water, hot drinks are not allowed.According to some sources allowed baked food and tea.Not allowed wine and oil.

On Mondays you can have hot vegetable food (but without the vegetable oil), and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays are allowed hot vegetable food, vegetable oil, fish and wine.4 December (holiday Presentation of Mary ) post as lax on whatever day or fell this holiday.

From December 20 to January 1, inclusive post tougher.Tuesdays and Thursdays fish is prohibited during this period, but otherwise everything remains the same as it was before.However, from the beginning of fasting and 1 January inclusive can eat fish and wine on Tuesday and Thursday, when there is a saint with thanksgiving, or that has a memorial plaque, and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, coinciding with temple festivals or vigils.

most strict fasting is observed from January 2 to January 6 - forefeast during Christmas.Xerophagy extended to Monday, Wednesday and Friday.Tuesday and Thursday you can have hot vegetable food without oil, on Saturdays and Sundays oil allowed.Fish and wine are prohibited.The most strict fast is observed on Christmas Eve - Christmas Eve.Before the first star decided to refuse food and break their evening sochivo (kolivo, kutey) - porridge scalded grains (usually wheat) with various additives.

In those days, when you can drink wine, it is understood that you will do it in moderation.Generally, to the fullest extent Advent comply unless the monks and the Old Believers, and for the majority of the laity allow different kinds of indulgences .In fact, the post only at first glance it seems a terrible: lean food is no better and no worse than usual, it is just different.

way, of strict fasting exempt those for whom fasting can be dangerous .Children under 14 years of age, elderly and sick people, pregnant women and nursing mothers may not be fast or not to fast strictly.This also applies to people who have had surgery, serious injury (physical or mental) of their body requires a lot of energy to recover.

On the Internet you can find lots of articles on how the post is good for health and helps to lose weight.But do not forget that goal post yet - spiritual purification, the rejection of the whims and excesses .So if you decide to comply with Advent in 2011 just for the diet, you should not do: You can lose weight in other ways, it is not necessary to cover the religious aspirations.

But if you decide to fast deliberately to clean up not only the body but also the soul , Advent in 2011, will do you good, and Merry Christmas you will find updated.

Advent in 2011