How to remove an operating system? If you have a computer for some reason found two OS, each time you boot, you will be prompted to choose a system with which you want to boot.This can be annoying. How to remove an operating system that you do not need?

During loading of the operating system of Windows (except Windows Vista and Windows 7) meets the file boot.ini.It is prescribed waiting time when you select boot an operating system loaded by default and other parameters.To remove an operating system that you do not need from the boot menu, you will need to edit the file boot.ini .

To do this, boot from the OS that you want to leave your computer , click on the "Start" button, find the menu item "My Computer", click on the right mouse button and from the context menu select "Properties".If the icon "My Computer" displayed on your desktop, you can not press the button "Start" and right-click once on the icon.

System Properties window opens.In it you will see several tabs.Need tab "Advanced", and in it - the item "Startup and Recovery."

Click on the "Settings" window opens the boot options.In principle, you can customize boot the desired operating system directly in this window , without editing the boot file, if you are afraid to do something wrong.

for this drop-down list «operating system loaded by default» select the desired operating system.In line «Display list of operating systems» put a value of 0 seconds or just uncheck checkbox.Click OK, then restart your computer and check - will it work?

If you still want to remove an operating system from the boot menu by hand (that has for sure), in the settings loading and recovery click "Edit" (located near the line "Edit to manually download list").Open the boot.ini file in a text editor (usually Notepad). It will look like this:

[boot loader]
timeout = 30
default = multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (3) \ WINDOWS
[operating systems]
multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (3) \ WINDOWS = "Windows Server 2003, Enterprise RU" / noexecute = optout / fastdetect
multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (0) partition (2) \ WINDOWS ="Microsoft Windows XP Professional RU" / noexecute = optin / fastdetect
C: \ = "Microsoft Windows"

to boot the operating system you are asked to choose which system to boot, set the parameter timeout to 0 .This parameter is responsible for selecting a user waiting time in seconds.Assigning a value of 0 to this parameter corresponds to remove the tick in the checkbox "Show the list of operating systems."

Under the inscription [operating systems] is a list of operating systems from which you were asked to choose the right system at boot time.This list should be left to only one operating system that you need, and mercilessly remove all unnecessary.When finished editing, select "File" menu select "Save" or press Ctrl + S. All manipulations with the file boot.ini you make on your own risk!

Download Windows 7 takes on a different principle, and boot.ini file in the OS no .However, the boot sequence can also be configured through the properties of the system.Right-click on the icon "My Computer", select "Properties" and in the window that opens - click "Advanced system settings."In the System Properties, select the tab "Advanced" in it - the item "Startup and Recovery" and click "Settings."Operating system default display list and time OS configured the same as in Windows XP.

configuring load the operating system, you can remove operating system that you do not need, finally - she stopped to take up space on your hard drive.To do this, you just need to remove unnecessary files and folders from your computer system (eg, folder Windows, Program Files and some others).Just do not confuse the system - of course, completely remove the operating system, currently active, you do not get, but the recovery system will likely have to do.

How to remove an operating system?