How to open hidden files and folders? In Windows, there are the so-called hidden files and folders - they are not displayed among other files and folders on the hard disk and flash drive.It so happens that the user needs to access them. How to open hidden files in Windows?

Why bother to hide operating system files? most often are hidden system files and folders .The fact is that if the user to change or delete a file, the system may no longer work properly, or at all "die."That Windows and hides those files away from sin - a kind of "foolproof".

My folders and individual files and hide some applications - usually for the same reason that the user does not accidentally deleted.And sometimes hide files and users themselves, so no one else could find them (not the most reliable way, to be honest).

How to distinguish a hidden file on the usual? icons and names of hidden files and folders translucent - but only if you have enabled the display of hidden files and folders.Usually it is disabled - otherwise lost all sense of hidden files.How

, then show hidden files?How to open hidden files and folders in Windows?

How to open hidden files and folders in Windows XP?

This can be done in two ways - through the Control Panel or through the Windows Explorer Windows .In the first case you need to go to the Control Panel (Start - Control Panel) and select the folder where the section Properties.Opens the folder properties.In this window, click the View tab and select Show hidden files and folders.Click Apply, and then - OK.

In the second case you need to go into Windows Explorer Windows (double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop or the keyboard shortcut Win + E).In the right menu of Windows Explorer, click Tools, and it - Folder Options.Then proceed in the same way as in the previous case.

How to open hidden files and folders in Windows 7?

Basically, how to enable display of hidden files and folders in Windows 7 similar procedure is similar to Windows XP, but there are some nuances that are worth to know.For example, the Control Panel Settings folder has a name, and the item to be selected in the View tab of the Folder Options window - show hidden files, folders, and drives.

If you want to show hidden files and folders through Windows Explorer, note that in Windows 7, the top menu is not displayed by default. To display the menu, press Alt .When the menu appears, select it, click Tools, and then - click Folder Options.Well, what to do next, you know.

How to open hidden files and folders using Total Commander?

If you do not want to make hidden files and folder visible in the system, you can locate and open them using any file manager - for example, Total Commander.Run the file manager and in the top menu, select Configure, and in it - Settings.

window opens, consisting of two parts .On the left is a list of options that you can configure.You need the item content of the panel - click on the left mouse button, and the right panel shows the list of options.The upper unit called Display Options files.You will need to tick the first paragraph, the Show hidden / system files (for advanced!).Then click Apply and OK.

Now you know how to open the hidden files and folders in Windows 7 and XP.But remember that careless change system files and folders can lead to system instability !

How to open hidden files and folders?